The End of Jesse Taylor!

June 18, 2008

Never before in the seven seasons of The Ultimate Fighter has a fighter been kicked off after the show was over. Until now.


We've all done dumb crap in our day, but Jesse Taylor struck the mother-crap-load. And he should have known better than to do it in Vegas. Dana's town, Dana's UFC, Dana's rules. As far as Jesse is concerned, the sun rises and sets on Dana White's command. Welcome to the Ice Age, Mr. Taylor -- you're excused.

Check out this exclusive extended clip from the show, where Dana shows Forrest and Rampage the security footage of Jesse's wild night and informs them of his removal.[video]2994348[/video]

And as if that wasn't enough exclusive content, this week is bringing a special exclusive interview as an added bonus to the extended episode. Taylor took the news from Dana hard and sat down with for an exclusive interview. What's next for Jesse Taylor? What happened that night? And will there ever be a future for him in the UFC?[video][/video]

But who will go on to face Amir Sadollah in the live Finale? Tim Credeur and CB Dalloway were brought back to the training center to fight for the right to face Amir. It was a brutal match with both fighters giving it their all, but CB Dalloway emerged victorious by unanimous decision.


Disappointed by Amir's upset win over him in the final match of the season, CB anxiously awaits a second chance at Sadollah. Can Amir remain undefeated and win the title of The Ultimate Fighter? Watch the Finale fight live this Saturday at 9PM EST to find out.

Sadollah vs. Dalloway, Sanchez vs. Firovanti and in the main event, Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove! Live. Free.

You're welcome.