Stone Temple Pilots Reunite on Jimmy Kimmel

May 2, 2008


Last night the newly reunited Stone Temple Pilots performed "Vaseline" on Jimmy Kimmel Live and didn’t completely blow it.

Although the band also performed "Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart" and Scott Weiland’s vocals did seem pretty fricking weak throughout most of the performance. It sounded like the dude was singing and taking a dump at the same time. You couldn’t really hear the lyrics and it felt like he was way out of breath.

Weiland did recently tell Rolling Stone that his "voice was starting to get a little bit worn out" from the last Velvet Revolver tour. Indeed. Maybe he gets too winded after bustin’ out some of his classic awkward dances moves. I swear it looks like the guy is trying to have sex with the air or something. See for yourself…


"Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart"