Cheerleaders Continue Streaking Tradition

November 6, 2008

Twelve female high school cheerleaders are in trouble for streaking to celebrate the end of football season in Canada. The girls ran across the field in their underwear and strategically taped duct tape, which covered their breasts. The girls then sprayed silly string at the opposing team. Watch their "harmless prank" after the jump.

The streaking occurred at South Delta Secondary School in Delta, British Colombia. The Delta Sun Devils football team was playing the Panthers of Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School from Surrey. It seems that streaking the final game of the season has become a tradition at this high school. On student said "It's just kind of like a fun [graduation] prank for our year, and it's been going on for a couple of years now. It was pretty much out of fun."

The school’s principal, Ted Johnson, didn’t find it humorous. He warned the students a month a go that they would face the consequence for continuing the tradition. He said "Our position is one that we don't celebrate this. We don't find it funny." The girls involved have been told that they will be suspended if they do anything else wrong.

These girls should fight it and be able to run semi-nude across a football field if they so desire. After all, it’s a tradition and sometimes tradition is all we have.