Mantenna - Thursday, June 24

June 24, 2010

Al Gore gets accused of sexual assault, a fan pays $1 million to appear in a Lady Gaga video, and the NBA Draft kicks off tonight in New York City...I'm the Mantenna, you idiot!

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Al Gore Accused of Sexual Assault

Former Vice President Al Gore has been accused of sexual assault. The accusation was first made in 2006 by a Portland, Oregon masseuse who claimed the Nobel Peace prize winner initiated “unwanted sexual contact” during a three-hour massage at a fancy hotel in Portland. The woman made a complaint to police soon after, but refused to cooperate further. In 2009 she again filed a report with police. The unidentified woman told Fox 12 Oregon, "He pleaded, groped me, grabbed me, engulfed me in embrace, tongue kissed me, massaged me, grabbed my breasts.” Police determined her statement lack sufficient evident and will not charge Gore. Gore has refused to comment on the allegation. On June 1, Gore announced that he and his wife Tipper were separating after 40 years of marriage. [CBS News]

Miley Cyrus Says She Empowers Women

Sexed-up teenage pop star Miley Cyrus says her new album Can’t Be Tamed empowers women. Yep, you read that correctly. The 17-year-old, who has a new provocative wardrobe, told MTV News, "It's just about freeing yourself from anything you think is holding you back. And I think that's really important, especially for girls, because so many people are told, 'No, you can't do something,' or, 'You need to be this because mom and dad say that, teachers say this.'" Is she saying she freed herself from clothes? Is she telling tweeners that it’s okay to act skanky? Are school kids going to start dancing in over-sized bird cages? []

Fan Pays Over $1 Million to Appear in a Lady Gaga Video

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images

According to reports, One of Lady Gaga's obsessed (as well as rich) fans dropped $1 million to appear in her most recent “Alejandro” video. A Lady Gaga fan reportedly paid $1 million to appear in her new music video. A Russian billionaire, known as Arkady, gave the Gaga the huge check and can be seen in the video playing a cop dressed in a black leather hat and coat. The Russian billionaire said: "Yes it was me in the clip, but I can't give further details." Gaga is also refusing to talk about Arkady’s connection to the video. Waste of money if you ask us. [Contact Music]

Dozens of Teenagers are About to Become Millionaires Tonight

The NBA Draft kicks off tonight in New York City and your team may have the chance to nab a superstar or kill the future with a Darko Milicic-quality pick. The Washington Wizards kick things off with the first overall selection, while other LeBron James-recruiting based moves will be made throughout the draft (Chicago has already traded away its pick to clear cap space). Tune in, turn on, and drop out of the playoff race (if you're a Raptors fan) tonight! [ESPN]

New York Governor Wants Your DNA

New York Governor David Paterson has a plan to foil turning his state into an Orwellian living nightmare! He proposes that law enforcement should help expand the DNA criminal database by taking DNA samples from even the lowest level crimes, right down to misdemeanors. Paterson says this will assist in solving crimes in stalled investigations and clear people who were wrongly convicted as well. Not surprisingly, the cops are all for it, while civil liberties groups are freaking out. [Skunk Post]

Visa Launches PayPal Competitor

Sick of all the PayPal fees? You'll have another option soon. Visa's Payclick, which is targeted toward a youth market and focuses on purchasable online content such as games and music, will function in a manner very similar to PayPal, with an online bank account which the user can pay into to use for microtransactions or link with their bank accounts or credit cards if they so choose. [Tech World]

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