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Lindsay Lohan’s Career Prospects Are So Poor, She’s Schlepping it with a Creepy New Zealand Puppet

by Balthazar_Francis   August 01, 2011 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 710

It seems Lindsay Lohan will do just about anything to get a paycheck, even if it means subjecting herself to the rude musings of an inappropriate New Zealand puppet named Rico.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan's career is so nonexistent she's stooped to appearing in a lame infomercial for a New Zealand airline. Lohan appears with Air New Zealand's creepy puppet mascot Rico in a Tonight Show-style chat show called On The Skycouch With Rico. The spot was reportedly filmed while Lohan was recently under house arrest.

For five painstaking minutes Lohan is quizzed about Kim Kardashian's breasts, the paparazzi (or as Rico calls them, the "papsmearazzi") and what, if anything, she likes about New Zealand. Then out of nowhere Rico attempts to hypnotize Lohan. Guess what happens? She falls to sleep. Get it? It's comedy gold, New Zealand-style.

At the conclusion of the painstaking interview Rico sticks it to Lohan once again by presenting her with some "New Zealand jewelry," which, he is quick to point out, is "all paid for." Snap!

Please, someone stop this crazy New Zealand humor.

Source: Air New Zealand


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