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Top Six Craziest Homes Ever Built

by AaronAhmadi   November 04, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 21,401
What do you get when you mix money and an obsession with design? A custom home built that is so bizarre, so off-the-wall, and so eccentric that you won't even find it in a freakin' movie. Lots of people will spend a boatload of dough to have the biggest home, but sheer size alone won't make your home stand out these days. Forget about going a little overboard on size, go absolutely crazy on style.


6. Crooked House – Himley, England

Photo: Jason Friend/Getty Images

So slanted it looks like a fake house on a movie set, this teetering tavern was built in the 18th century in Gornalwood, Himley, in England. Due to excessive coal mining below the foundation of the structure, one end of the building started to slowly sink until it was 4 feet lower than the other end. On top of that, this old English house is rumored to be haunted, so any creaks you hear while you're there are not "just the house settling."

5. Spaceship House – Penascola Beach, Florida

Photo: Jerry Gay/Getty Images

Florida is known for its beautiful oceanfront views, powdery soft sand, and UFO-shaped homes...well at least one home to be exact. Matti Suuronen, Finnish architect extraordinaire, designed this home of the future in 1968. Like any normal flying saucer, this one comes equipped with a ramp and launchpad, perhaps only missing a nice welcome mat for visitors.

4. Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Photo: Visions Of Our Land/Getty Images

38 small cubes + 2 big cubes = 1 charming hostel located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. These cubic houses were built in 1984 and designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom, who wanted to combine dazzling design with state-of-the-art facilities, and boy did he succeed. Their post-modern look brings in a ton of tourists every year who want to live a little more…well, geometrically different.

3. Upside Down House – Szymbark, Poland

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Sometimes it feels like the world is upside down, and sometimes it's just your house that's actually upside down. A Polish businessman and philanthropist by the name of Daniel Czapiewski decided to create this topsy turvy home not to defy gravity, but to express how the people of Poland were feeling after an era of communism had just ended: chaotic.

2. Airplane House – Abuja, Nigeria

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Ah yes, no list of crazy architecture would be complete without an airplane house. Take a 100-foot long plane and slap it on a beautiful hilltop villa, and you got yourself a masterpiece of a mansion. This home was built by a Lebanese immigrant in Abuja, Nigeria, who promised his wife he'd build a home that would symbolize her love for travel. Needless to say, this home's got "bon voyage" written all over it.

1. Antilla – Mumbai, India

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

What can top the first billion-dollar home? Antilla, also known as "the Taj Mahal of the 21st Century", is a 27-story skyscraper equipped with 600 full-time staff to help maintain the monstrous monument of steel. You may be thinking right now "who could possible own this beast of a building?", and the answer is Mukesh Ambani of course, the Indian business magnate who has an estimated net worth of $27 billion dollars. Talk about bang for your buck.