In Taiwan, Hand In Dog Poop, Get Cash

July 28, 2011

One of the problems of modern society: dog poop. Fortunately, somebody in Taiwan, specifically the government of New Taipei City, has worked out a brilliant solution. If people won't pick it up out of sheer politeness...maybe they'll do it out of greed.

Hence, the first-ever dog poop lottery: when your dog does his business, pick it up, turn it in to the nearest city parks employee (who we're sure just love that part of the plan), and you'll get a free ticket to a lottery. The prizes? Gold ingots worth up to $2,100. Yes, finally, dog poop is worth something other than a cheap gag at the expense of that loser always yelling at you to turn down the TV.

There are three prizes and you can "enter" as many times as Fido drops a load. The drawing will be held in October. Please, New Taipei City, we're begging you: cast the gold ingots in the shape of dookie. That's about the only way this can get any weirder.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images News