Picture of Dolph Lundgren Scarier Than Any Security Guard

April 27, 2009

Action star Dolph Lundgren's house in Spain was ransacked and looted while his wife was still there, unable to fight off the masked criminals on her own. Fortunately for her, she keeps photographs of her husband around.

Lundgren's wife was at home when the attackers threatened her, tied her up, aimed daggers at her, and interrogated her as to the location of the household valuables.

Little did they realize the family jewels were the last thing they wanted on their tail. Once they glimpsed a loving photo of the wife and Dolph, they lost their nerve real quick:

The criminals fled as soon as they realized the owner of the house they had raided was someone they wouldn't want to come up against in a fight. They left Anette pretty traumatized. She's Dolph's angel and anyone who messes with her is messing with him.

Now that these petty thugs have a six-foot-five Russian -- arguably one of the most frightening men ever to grace the silver screen -- with a black belt in Karate and a taste for hurt chasing them down, it's probably only a matter of time before they turn themselves into the authorities in the hope of seeking asylum from this one-man death machine.

But at least they learned a lesson: not only doesn't crime pay, sometimes it haunts your soul till the end of your days.

Source: ANNE-CHRISTINE/Getty Images