Mantenna - Monday, March 23

March 23, 2009

A-Rod is in the midst of another scandal, Amy Winehouse almost loses her beehive, and the most amazing facial hair of the's the Mantenna!

Source: Manofest

A-Rod and the Madam

The New York madam at the center of the Governor Eliot Spitzer scandal has come forwards and claimed a “connection” and “flirtation” with Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. Kristin Davis says she met the professional ball player in 2005 at a Philadelphia gym. She confessed to the New York Post that "our paths have crossed both personally and professionally." When asked if A-Rod ever used her service, Davis would only say that they had a "professional" relationship. Davis, who ran the high-class call girl service Wicked Models, is currently serving five years probation for “promoting prostitution.” [New York Post]

Strip Club Job Fair Recruits Unemployed Hotties

The owners of Foxy Lady, a Rhode Island strip club, are hoping the economic crisis might entice some people to switch careers and enter the world of stripping. They are hosting a job fair for 30 open positions. Jobs on offer include everything from strippers and waitresses to disc jockeys and bartenders. Tom Tsoumas, a co-owner of the club, says “I need more managers, I need more competent staff, and I need more attractive waitresses to go along with the ones I have right now." As the Associated Press noted, at least stripping is "a job opportunity you won't need to buy a new wardrobe for." []

10 Most Embarrassing “Before They Were Famous” Celebrity Commercials.

Celebrities aren’t born running over paparazzi and covering their faces with napkin’s stolen from high-end sushi restaurants.  They have to work up to that level of stardom.  And, as you might guess, that can be a humbling road to travel.  There are plenty of casting couches out there with a less-than-glamorous history, and Manofest has collected 10 particularly cringe-worthy projects from celebrities before they started shaving. [Manofest]

NBA Facial Hair All Star Team

There is nothing more fearsome when pitched on the field of battle (or court) than staring into the grizzled visage of your opponent.  A mighty crop of facial hair is an intimidation technique older than the coliseum, and today’s warriors know that as well as any in history.  Uncoached has run a comb through the ranks of today’s NBA players and have managed to sort out the most fearsome faces in the game today. [Uncoached]

Is Netflix Coming to PS3 and Wii? 

Although Sony has officially denied that they’re going to bring the popular video rental service Netflix to their Playstation 3, Gizmodo found a survey suggesting that at least they’re testing the waters now.  The survey asks would-be subscribers about their level of interest in a streaming Netflix service.  It would require PS3 owners to purchase an "Instant Streaming Disc" which would then allow them access to Netflix’s ever-increasing online library.  However, nothing has yet been made official. [Gizmodo]

Terminator Salvation Switches Things Up

After a leak potentially spoiled the ending of Terminator Salvation, McG and company apparently made sure to change the ending so that no one would come into the movie knowing what happens. An inside source has it that Warner Bros. actually shot a new ending that is much more satisfying than the ending that was spoiled last year. The source says that the ending is, “A complete [180] from the original film. Works better. Probably not as hard to swallow. Real good though.” The internet tried to defeat Terminator Salvation and failed. Bad, internet, bad! [Moviehole]

Amy Winehouse Pulls a Michael Jackson


Source: Oli Scarff/Staff/Getty Images

After recently burning herself in a tanning booth accident, Amy Winehouse was playin’ a few tunes with her friends at her new home when instrument fuses blew and sparks lit her famous beehive on fire. Luckily for her, Amy was able to quickly contain the flames to save her crusty locks. I wonder if it’s an improvement? [The Mirror]

Rihanna Sex Tape?

Troubled pop star Rihanna is supposedly very worried about a "wild" sex tape of her and Chris Brown hitting the internet. Rihanna reportedly allowed Chris to film them having sex and is very paranoid that the tapes could ruin her career if it were leaked. Star magazine recently stated that "Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality, but she'd be mortified if her friends and family found this out!” [Star]

Sub-$2,000 Tata Nano Officially Cheapest New Car in the World

Pre-orders are officially being taken today for the Tata Nano in India at an MSRP of 100,000 rupees (just under $2,000). That makes the Nano officially the cheapest automobile in the world. The five seat basic model will be powered by a 624cc gasoline engine and does away with superfluous items like airbags but can be optioned up. It will also launch in Europe with a slightly larger, more luxurious model in 2011. Further innovation is still a possibility, with a diesel engine in the works and a highly anticipated compressed air engine licensed from MDI. [BBC News]

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