Did Anna Nicole Smith Have a Secret Lady Lover?

October 16, 2009

A prosecutor told a Los Angeles court yesterday that Anna Nicole Smith’s female psychiatrist funneled the Playmate with drugs to fuel their lesbian love affair.

The supposed lesbian relationship was raised by L.A. Deputy DA Renee Rose during the preliminary hearings against Smith’s lawyer and two doctors, who have been charged with conspiring to illegally supply drugs to the deceased model. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Rose dropped the lesbian bombshell while questioning Smith’s former bodyguard Maurice Brighthaupt. She told the court that Smith was in a relationship with Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and that the doctor fueled Smith’s addiction to keep the relationship going. The Deptuy DA told the court;

There was a sexual relationship that happened in the past and possibly carrying into the future. It was the motive for Dr. Eroshevich to provide excessive medication to Anna Nicole Smith. There are ulterior motives for Dr. Eroshevich's actions. That medicine keeps her addicted, so Dr. Eroshevich becomes the most important person in her life. She keeps her addicted.

The Defense objected to the line of question and Judge Robert Perry quickly shut it down, describing it as inappropriate. He told the court he didn’t want the preliminary hearing, which is determining whether the case against the three goes to trial, turning into a “circus sideshow.” I think it’s already too late.

Source: Phil McCarten/Getty Images