The Call is More Important Than The Booty

October 6, 2009

Who in their right mind would give up sex for an entire year in favor of keeping their cell phone? Well, the answer is a lot.

A new survey conducted by cell phone giant Samsung found that one in three people would rather give up sex for a year than go without their cell phone.

The cell phone company polled residents of seven cities. In Denver they questioned a sample of residents, asking them how much they value their cell phone in their daily lives. The results found that “29 percent of men and women in Denver would rather forgo sex for an entire year rather than give up their cell phones for the same amount of time.” The study found that more women would give up a night of passion compared to men. The survey showed that 33 percent of women were more likely to forgo sex to keep their cell phone compared to 20 percent of men.

Of the seven cities polled by Samsung, Denver landed in the middle. According to the survey Atlanta topped the list with 33 percent willing to give up sex. Los Angeles and Boston tied with 31 percent and 27 percent of people in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. are taking a call rather than getting it on. Philadelphia was the city least likely to give up sex for some phone time with only 25 percent of residents there refusing intercourse in favor of their mobile device.

The survey did show that texting is on the rise. In Denver 78 percent of residents regularly send text messages and some 39 percent would rather text than talk.

I guess that means there’s a lot sexting going on in the Mile High City.

Source: OJO Images/Getty Images