Mantenna - Wednesday, May 6

May 6, 2009

Victoria Beckham’s hot new underwear ad, raw video of a real pirate assault, and Travis Barker vs. a teen band's the Mantenna!

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Victoria Beckham’s Hot New Underwear Ad

Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, unveiled a hot new print ad for Emporio Armani today in New York City. The former Spice Girl raised the curtain on a 20-foot-high image of her in the new ad on the main floor of Macy's Herald Square in Manhattan. The sexy ad shows an extremely toned and sexy Beckham in lacy underwear. This is her second campaign for Armani. [Showbiz Spy]

Hayden and Bristol Talk Teen Pregnancy

Today is National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Day and teenage mom Bristol Palin was out in New York City today talking abstinence. She was joined by Heroes star Hayden Panettiere and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Garza at a town-hall meeting for teenagers organized by The Candie's Foundation, which works to reduce teen pregnancy. Bristol told the teens, "Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only way you can effectively, 100 percent foolproof way you can prevent pregnancy," Earlier in the year, Bristol told FOX News that abstinence is "not realistic at all." [Google]

Raw Video of a Real Pirate Assault

The Liberty Sun, a U.S.-flagged ship carrying food aid to refugees in Kenya was assaulted by real life pirates last month.  And, in a senate hearing this month, the CEO of the company that owned the ship presented raw video of the attack including rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire.  His aim is to convince Congress to allow merchant ships to arm themselves.  [Wired]

Help A-Rod Find Steroids on the Sly has an excellent and addictive flash game called A-Rod’s Steroid Quest.  You’ve got to shimmy the increasingly bulky, unwieldy, and rage-prone A-Rod through a series of media and legal loopholes so he can get his hands on that sweet, sweet muscle juice.  Watch as he bulks up and his testicles shrivel into the sizes of asterisks on a Hall of Fame roster. [Atom]

Travis Barker vs. Teen Band Geek


A 17-year-old teen recently posted a video response to a clip of Blink-182's Travis Barker playing his marching snare drum in the studio and getting praise from an endless stream of positive comments from his mindless followers. Apparently he was not very impressed. In the clip, the teenage band geek demonstrates that Barker's marching snare playing isn't particularly complex in the slightest. There is a lot of mocking eye rolling and sarcasm, but the kid totally owns Mr. Barker. [BoingBoing]

Eminem Battles Punisher in Special-Edition Comic Book

Eminem is officially in a new Marvel comic book featuring Shady squaring off against gun-wielding antihero the Punisher. Eminem/Punisher: Kill You was written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Salvador Larroca. The first half of the comic comes with the June XXL as a special collectors edition, while the second half can be nabbed at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for free starting today. The plot takes place after a concert and Eminem’s posse is gunned down by the Punisher. Slim Shady manages to escape with his old convict friend Barracuda and take refuge in a safe house. Eminem eventually guns down the Punisher first, actually uttering the line, “You don’t want to f*** with Shady ‘cuz Shady will f***in’ kill you” as he pulls the trigger. [RollingStone]

Moneyball is Going to be Crazy

Moneyball, the book Steven Soderbergh is adapting into a movie, is going to have a pretty wacky character in it. Both Brad Pitt and Demetri Martin are going to star, but Soderbergh’s changing it up for the character of Bill James, the man behind the statistics. He’s going to be animated. This is, apparently, supposed to make us think, “Wow! What a crazy idea!” As opposed to, “Wow! What a stupid idea!” Soderbergh describes it as a gimmick, though it could also pretty easily become an annoyance. But leave it to Soderbergh to push the limits of indie filmmaking. The man has…balls. [First Showing]

Court Documents Are Crystal Ball into Chrysler/Fiat Future

Curious which of its models Fiat plans to send over to the United States to sell through its planned partnership with Chrysler? Wonder no more. The most recent set of documents filed in Chrysler's Chapter 11 proceedings offer a number of intriguing clues as to what we can expect to see in the coming years. Tom LaSorda, current ChryCo Veep, suggests that Fiat has agreed to assemble a vehicle using its C-EVO platform at one of Chrysler's underutilized U.S. plants. Further, Robert Manzo, executive director of Capstone Advisory Group, has specifically named the Fiat 500, Grande Punto, and Panda (tellingly, Manzo called the Panda a Jeep) (along with the Mito and Milano from Alfa Romeo) as models coming to the aid of Chrysler. [Edmunds]

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