College Football Team Shows Excellent Teamwork During Armed Robbery

November 12, 2009

In an effort to show pro scouts that they're ready to commit crimes at an NFL level, three members of the Tennessee Volunteers football team got a jump start on fan appreciation night by robbing one of their supporters at gunpoint in a convenience store parking lot.

Wearing the team’s working out gear as part of their "disguise," the three young men held a pellet gun to the temple of a man on campus demanding money (and presumably thanking him for attending the games) just before getting in a car in which they were later arrested for marijuana possession. Talk about impressing the scouts! Al Davis is already taking notice.

The only thing separating these bunch of winners from, say, Leonard Little (a former Tennessee football player who avoided any jail time for killing a woman months before winning a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams) is that they walked away from the crime with absolutely no money.

When the terrified man claimed to have no cash, the players simply let him walk away without even threatening his family or smacking him around a little.

No need to worry, though, Volunteer fans – the assailants were only freshmen, so they have three years to become the kind of criminals your school can be proud to watch lose by 21 points to the Florida Gators.

Source: Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

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