Monster Blog: Out of Control

by gdesanctis   July 23, 2009 at 12:45PM  |  Views: 114

I am so happy to be out of his control totally. Those of you who saw Victory Road and will see iMPACT, you will notice that I am no longer in my therapy hospital whites.  I don't need therapy anymore.  I don't need doctors. I need to be back on my own and wearing the clothes that I want to wear.  I'm a sick man and I love my jackets and my shirt....yes I know it's dirty and kinda torn up but it's me and I have to be me. I am a sick man and I need pain and suffering, especially on others as a part of my life. I try to explain this to Lauren but I don't think she gets it.  I can't wait for my next opponent on iMPACT.
We are touring this week, as well. I am excited to return to Mississippi and Louisiana. We will be there this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Make sure you check TNAWRESTLING.COM to get all the details. Come out and support your favorite monster everyone.  I can't wait to get my hands on Scott Steiner this week at these shows.  That's all for now. Bye, bye.


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