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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984)
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Monster Blog: Out of Control

by gdesanctis   July 23, 2009 at 12:45PM  |  Views: 118

Wow, everyone, I made my way back to the United States this past week. TNA's media tour of the U.K. and Ireland was awesome.

I've never seen such beautiful places, cities, and landmarks like I did this past week.  Manchester, Sheffield, London, and Dublin were spectacular cities. I think London was my favorite because of all the incredible landmark sites there, which I enjoyed seeing.  Big Ben, the most famous clock in the world, was in eyesight from my hotel room window. Being a monster-type figure, I was so much bigger than anyone I saw.  I felt like Godzilla in Tokyo.  The media part of the tour was fantastic. I spoke to countless reporters and journalists all week long and each of them was so excited about TNA and its growth into international markets. I met a lot of fans, too while moving around the cities.  The fans in the U.K. are awesome.  They were so nice and receptive to everything we were doing over there. And hey, I actually got to do the weather again!  Yes, the weather! I did it on a national news program in the morning that reaches everywhere in the U.K.  This weatherman gig is pretty fun.  Maybe I can do that after my days in the ring.
Hey, I just realized that the 200th episode of TNA iMPACT will be airing on Thursday, July 30th. I am so excited, because this is a huge milestone for TNA and Spike TV. I can't believe how many episodes there have been. It's so exciting especially since I probably have been on most of these episodes.  Congratulations to us all at TNA and Spike and I am so excited about the next 200 episodes.
Victory Road was a huge pay-per-view success.  I faced Dr. Stevie finally and got my hands on him. And let me tell you, everyone, I destroyed him.  I promised I was going to punish him and that's exactly what I did. I made him bleed, suffer, and experience that stun gun first hand. It was such a great feeling to see that electric shock run through Dr. Stevie's body.  I told him that this "therapy" session would be our last and that it was on me. I delivered on that promise. Dr. Stevie learned the hard way.


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