Rachel Weisz May Play Catwoman

December 16, 2008

Rumors continue to swirl around the third part in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, and the one going around right now is that Catwoman is going to show up in the film. Furthermore, Rachel Weisz is going to play her. As far as this blogger is concerned, Catwoman does not really fit in the Gotham Nolan created, nor would she be on par with the other characters Batman deals with. If this rumor is true, it would spell a distinct change of pace for the franchise.

One of the reasons so many people loved The Dark Knight was because it was at once a great comic book movie, and a great movie -- no huge leaps of logic or extreme suspensions of disbelief were required to buy into the idea of Batman and Gotham in general.

Catwoman would change all of that. While Batman exists by the grace of billions of dollars and the best training money can buy (as well as a long list of neuroses and a deep thirst for vengeance), and while the Joker owed his existence to extreme intelligence and mental instability, Catwoman owes her's to...cats. Lots and lots of cats. Who bring her back to life after a fatal fall out of a zillion story building.

This would be a mistake, and I'm not buying that it's the truth until I hear it out of Nolan's lips.