Match 4: Confederate Soldier vs. German Jaeger

February 11, 2011

In a clash of America and Germany, we took the Confederates, who scored major victories against the much larger Union army, against the German Jaeger, the backbone of Germany's military might up to the beginning of the 20th century. In a flash of gunpowder, we find out Who........ is................ DEADLIEST

Short Range:

Confed Bowie Knife vs Jaeger Hunting Sword

Edge: Hunting Sword

The Hunting Sword has better range and cutting power than the Bowie, so it gets my edge.

Bowie: 6 H.S.: 7

Mid Range:

Confed 1851 Colt Navy Revolver vs Jaeger Mauser C96

Edge: Mauser

The Mauser is a huge leap in technology, with the Colt being a single action, the Mauser could fire much more bullets at a time.

Navy: 5 Mauser: 7

Long Range:

Confed Richmond Rifle vs. Jaeger M1869 Werder

Edge: Richmond Rifle

The Rifle has a better muzzle velocity and effective range than the Werder, which gives it the edge.

Richmond: 8 Werder: 6

Special Weapons:

Confed Adams Grenade vs. Jaeger Homemade Grenade

Edge: Adams

The Homemade Grenade was made of gunpowder and nails in a soda can, which couldn't compare to a real grenade.

Adams: 7 Homemade: 5


Confed Cotton and Wool vs. Jaeger Cotton and Wool

Edge: Even

Both warriors actually wear no armor, so this catergory would be void.

Confed: 5 Jaeger: 5

Individual Strength:

Confed Rough and Ready vs. Jaeger Pristine Training

Edge: Rough and Ready

The Confederates were raised down South and know how to fight dirty, while the Jaeger fight according to their strict training.

R.a.R.: 6 P.T.: 5


Confed Used Weaponry vs. Jaeger Training Course

Edge: Used Weaponry

The Confederates used weapons they have always used, so against the drafted Jaegers they hold the edge.

U.W.: 5 T.C.: 4


Confed Failed Napoleanic vs. Jaeger Military Know How

Edge: Military Know How

The Confeds tried to use Napoleon's strategies, but they ultimately failed. Besides, the Germans already beat Napoleon and know his strategies.

Napoleon: 4 Military: 6


Confed New Country vs. Jaeger Homeland Protection

Edge: Even

The Confeds want their own country, but the Jaeger want to defend their country.

Country: 5 Homeland: 5

The scores are tallied and the winner is set.........


John Smith was getting tired of this war. He had lost two of his brothers at Gettysburg, and wanted to get back home to his family. He had heard recently that the Yankees were bringing in mercenaries from Germany, just like in the Revolutionary War. He didn't want to fight them, but he did want his own country. He knew what he had to do, took 4 soldiers, and went on a scouting mission for shoes. He was walking for about two miles when he saw a camp of soldiers. They didn't look like Yankee soldiers, but he thought they could be the Germans he had heard about. He told Tom, the sharpshooter, to shoot the guy in the middle, who looked like the leader. Tom focused on the soldier and prepared to shoot, but then Tom fell down bloodied. He was shot. John and his men ran away with the others following close by.

Confed: 4 Jaeger: 5

John told his men to keep going and that he would make noise to draw their attention. The strange men knew this ploy, and followed the group of soldiers, except for the leader who would deal with the troublemaker. Leon, second in command for the Confederates, took out his pistol and waited as a soldier came up the hill. He shot a soldier right between the eyes and continued to run.

Confed: 4 Jaeger: 4

Leon and the others set a trap for the soldiers, with him on the top of the ridge above them and the two soldiers to hide behind a nearby log. They positioned themselves and waited for three soldiers to walk through. The Germans walked through and one was instantly shot down by Leon. Another pulled out his Mauser and shot Leon in the jaw, killing him. The two Confederates stuck their heads out and fired on the soldiers, hitting one in the side. The soldier with the Mauser covered the wounded soldier to cover with the Confeds on his tail. It was too late though. He got to cover and his friend lie dead.

Confed: 3 Jaeger: 2

John stood behind a tree and caught his breath. He knew that other soldier was right on his heels and he had to do something. He took out a grenade, Bowie knife and Navy pistol, which was all he had left after wasting his rifle ammo in the distraction. He didn't have time before the German stood twenty feet away. He shot his pistol without looking and hit nothing. The German alerted to this fired his gun at the tree, using his only bullet. The Confed tucked into some bushes as the German approached with his sword. John jumped out and stuck the Bowie knife through the German's neck. He ran to find which way the others had gone, leaving the German leader to rot.

Confed: 3 Jaeger: 1

The last German took out his homemade grenade and threw instantly killing one Confederate, but just grazing the other. The other soldier took his own grenade out and threw it at the hiding place of the German. It exploded, but he didn't hear a death scream. He went to check the place, but was then stabbed through the back by the German. The Confederate fell with a thud. The German thought he was done. He turned to go back to the Union leaders of their postion, but was caught by John with his Navy pistol to the German's forehead. He cursed him and shot him through the head. The German fell and John felt triumphant. He then walked back to camp and tried to see if he could quit.

Confed: 1 Jaeger: 0

There you have it, the rough and tough Confederates beat their opponents 586 to 414. This is due largely in part to their knowledge oof their weapons and the reliability of those they know how to use.