Mantenna - Wednesday, March 18

March 18, 2009

Anna Faris gets up close and personal with GQ, the Pentagon tests some awesome new laser technology, and how two teenagers made NASA look like a bunch of wasteful's the Mantenna!

Source: GQ

Anna Faris is a Cutie

Anna Faris is cute, sexy and funny. When it comes to women, she’s a package deal. The star of The House Bunny recently posed for some sexy shots in this month’s GQ magazine. The gorgeous, foulmouthed blonde tells GQ that in her latest film, Observe and Report, she gets wasted, throws up, and has pity sex with Seth Rogen. Isn't that what happened in Knocked Up? []

Octo-Mom Takes Two Babies Home

Nadya Suleman, a.k.a Octo-Mom, has caused a media frenzy by taking home two of the eight children she recently birthed. Reporters, photographers, and the paparazzi stalked out her new home and caused a ruckus when she arrived. The media mob screamed, shouted, pushed, climbed on top of her car, and severely dented her garage door. Suleman said, "This was beyond anything I expected, they were completely swarming the car, I was really, really worried about the safety of everybody." Okay, two down, six more to go. [New York Post]

Military Laser Ready for Battle

Pentagon laser scientists (why didn’t we know that was a career option?!) have finally gotten a laser that is ready for battle.  “The 100kW threshold [that] has been viewed traditionally as a proof of principle for 'weapons grade' power levels for high-energy lasers.”  They intend to use them for blowing up incoming mortars and missiles, apparently, but face-melting seems like it could be an additional application. []

Two Teenagers Take Pictures 20 Miles High

Two plucky teens used Google Earth to track their point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix as they floated it 20 miles high.  They set it to take pictures on a timer, and it totally worked – capturing images that NASA would’ve spent tens of thousands on for less than $200.  At around 100,000 feet, the pressure outside the balloon lowered enough that it popped and the camera safely parachuted to the ground. [Gizmodo]

Assassination Attempt on Owner of Spyker Automobiles Leaves CEO in Critical Condition


Source: Spyker Cars

In what is being reported as an assassination attempt, Russian banker and Spyker Cars N.V. owner Alexander Antonov has suffered severe wounds after sustaining several gunshots to the stomach. According to reports, investigators believe the assassination attempt was related to Antonov’s business dealings, although no details to support why they believe this to be true were provided. Although Antonov’s injuries have been described as “non life-threatening,” an account of the incident reveals that Antonov was riddled with a total of 18 bullets, one of which caused enough damage to remove a finger. Who would've thought the Russian business world was so corrupt? [Jalopnik]

Pitt and Portman United

Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman are set to star in a romantic comedy based on the book Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris by Leanne Shapton. Will Portman overcome her tendency to play the quirky, cute girlfriend? Will Pitt do more than stand around and look like Pitt? This could be a great pairing, and it could be a disastrous pairing. All depends on if they can bring the comedy. Morris (Pitt) will play a photographer and Doolan (Portman) will portray a food columnist. All the ingredients for humor, I guess. []

Willy Wonka’s Quarterly Audit Report

CollegeHumor has snuck behind the candy-coated gates of the Wonka chocolate factory and snatched an internal, confidential memo from the gloved clutches of the eccentric chocolatier.  Among the violations found by the chief inspector were midget enslavement, chunks of fat, German boy in candy bars, and snozzberries not tasting like snozzberries. Heh. [CollegeHumor]

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