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Robbie E's Top Summer Tips

by Robbie E   June 25, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,290

Hey what's up, my bros! It's hot out! It's pool time, bro! And it's beach time, bro! What does Robbie E do to stand out over all the other Robbie E wannabes at the beach? It's easy. There is only one of me, bro, and this is how.

5 – Shave My Body – Really, bro? Hair on your body at the beach?!?! Come on. I actually see people with hair on their arms, legs and even armpits, bro! No girls want a hairy bro, bro! Don't even mention back hair, bro.

4 - Cooler – You gotta have a cooler, bro. You gotta have it to sneak beer, eat sandwiches (I love sandwiches) and keep my protein bars from melting, bro. Plus, girls always wanna know what's inside! If you don't got a cooler, you're a hamster, bro!

3 - Hat/Headband/Bandanna – This is not even a question, you gotta have something on your head, bro! Every last hamster on the beach has the same haircut and style! Be different, bro! A headpiece makes ya bold! Girls love bold!

2 - Feet - Feet are gross! They just are. Sorry, bro, but there's just no way around it. BUT! Pedicures help! Keep your feet smooth and nails clean, broseph!

1 - Solo – You're at the beach. Don't bring sand to it, bro! There will be numerous options there so make sure to go there without your lady friend bro! OH!

Until next time! Oh! Enjoy the summer, bro!

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