Fatal Fast Track Sex

September 25, 2008

A couple going at it on a usually unused train track in South Africa have been killed by a freight train. As the train coursed towards them, Mduduzi Michael Bandezi, 28, and Sibongile Radebe, 25 were in the midst of sexual intercourse that can only be described as “to die for”. (more details after the jump)

According to Superintendent Abie Khoabane, the train driver repeatedly hooted "but they continued with their business". The area is known as a haven for sex workers and was littered with used condoms when police arrived at the scene. The two had met that night at a local tavern.

So kids, the lesson here is don’t have sex on railway tracks. Instead, do it ON the train. A conductor in Europe did and forgot to turn their microphone off, meaning the whole train heard it. Hear it in the video below.


Source:BBC News