Star Quarterback Already Committing Mid-Season Felonies

January 26, 2010

After a disappointing Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State a few weeks back, University of Oregon starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli hasn't waited for the 2010 season to begin before getting caught breaking the law and hurting his team (*cough* Tennessee *cough*).

The junior second team All-Conference player got an early jump on “felony season” by stealing a variety of electronics from an on-campus Fraternity House over the weekend.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the robbery is that when confronted by one of the Fraternity members, Masoli and his teammate (wide receiver Garrett Embry) fled from the scene, only to be run down by a student who is on campus to actually learn/go to classes.

Everybody steals laptops in college sports (*cough* Florida *cough* Connecticut), but getting out-run by some cargo shorts-wearing, trust fund kid is just embarrassing.

I’m starting to understand why Terrelle Pryor played so well against the Ducks defense.

Source: Christian Peterson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images