The Interwebz are Gangster

June 2, 2008


As a longtime fan of all things accordion-related (what, you didn’t know?) I was perusing my squeezebox-related RSS feeds when I came upon this particular link that was, truly, too legit.  A fellow accordion afficionado, in a bid for more street cred, posted this image (after the jump) teaching those of us that're (for now) less street savvy than we'd like some tools of the trade.

Until this moment I never had a desire to be a dubious ruffian, a roustabout, a hoodlum, hooligan, cutthroat or a criminal.  But now…O’ the sweet romance of the asphalt jungle sings its siren song like white chicks throwing gang signs!  

This is one of the succulent charms of the internet.  No matter your ethnicity or upbringing you can embrace the culture of The Other in the safety of your cubicle, your dorm room, or a Japanese restaurant.  You can practice (then perfect) the affectations you desire before “takin it to the street.”

This is a luxury that some of you older kids will remember was not always available.  There was a time when the gang lifestyle was something you were born into and hardened for, not something you could learn behind an ergonomic keyboard in an ergonomic chair with an ergonomic drink in hand.  Peace, I'm outta here.