Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Kick-Ass Panel

by nathanbloch   July 23, 2009 at 8:57PM  |  Views: 183

Director Matthew Vaughn walks onstage first and introduces some clips from the first act. The first clip we see is very promising: a man attired in a superhero outfit spreads the wings of his costume, looks down at an encouraging crowd fifty stories below, jumps, and soars through the air -- then crashes head-first into a taxi cab and dies. The audience laughs...this is going to be a cool panel.

Vaughn says, "Depending on whether or not you guys like this will determine whether we get a distribution deal."

Of the filmmakers involved with the film the esteemed comic book writer Mark Millar is here and, of course, McLovin.

The next clip we see features Nicolas Cage in a surprisingly funny performance as a father who enjoys teaching his young daughter to take bullets in the chest (in Kevlar).

The next scene shows Dave in his first attempt as a superhero. He shows up in costume and fights two thugs, then gets stabbed and hit by a car. His first outing is not a success.

The following scene shows Kick-Ass (Dave) telling a thug to leave the girl he loves, Katie, alone. He tasers the thug in the face, but then is apprehended by his henchmen. From out of nowhere the little girl from the previous scene appears and impales the head thug with a spear. She then proceeds to single-handedly slice apart the remaining criminals in the room. Suffice it to say this movie looks awesome.

The trailer, which follows, is equally impressive. It's looking like Vaughn has a pretty good chance of getting distribution.

Millar discusses his inspiration for the comic idea. "Me and my friend actually prepared to become superheroes. We made costumes and took karate, and then I think my balls dropped and we forgot about it and got interested in other things." He also says that creating the comic and film was in response to his daughter wanting to know if he would make something nice for her to see. Interestingly, this is what he created.

Vaughn says the final cut was 90% there, and that it's just a matter of getting the music right since music can date the movie quickly. The person scoring the film also did Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. He also promises no studio would "muck around" with it.

The audience seems to love the movie so much they're showing the trailer again. This film is the second coming for comic book lovers, and I'm willing to bet it will get distributed and do pretty dang well at the box office. Vaughn's lack of confidence in his film is misplaced. Awesome comedy + awesome action = awesome movie.

Source: Nathan Bloch