Mantenna - Monday, June 14

June 14, 2010

Perez Hilton might be in hot water, Jimmy Dean passes on, and Charles Barkley wants to ruin your NBA franchise...the Mantenna never gets a case of the Mondays!

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images 

Perez Hilton Posts Naughty Miley Cyrus Pics

Perez Hilton could be in some serious trouble after posting an uncensored upskirt photo that left little to the imagination. Perez posted an image on Twitter which clearly showed Miley Cyrus’ private parts which the tagline, “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here. Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!” The problem is Miley is only 17, which clearly makes her underage. Now we can understand how Perez could mistake Cyrus for a washed-up 40-year-old country musician, however the police are unlikely to accept that as a defense and the celebrity blogger could be charged with distributing child pornography. [CBS News]

Brittany Murphy’s Husband Had a Secret Family

Simon Monjack kept a secret until his untimely death… he had two children with different women. The revelation was discovered over the weekend when members of Monjack’s family found a laptop at the residence he shared with Murphy. Inside the computer was evidence that he had two secret kids – a son and a daughter. His family found correspondences from his two baby mamas asking for child support. Also in the laptop was evidence of large wire transfer, one which for as much as $48,000 to lawyers in Europe. Monjack’s family turned over the computer to the coroner. Murphy’s mother Sharon reportedly "went ballistic" and filed a theft report with police. [TMZ]

Jimmy Dean Dies

Photo: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Country music artist and sausage entrepreneur Jimmy Dean, who topped the charts in 1961 with the crossover hit "Big Bad John," has died at the age of 81. The country music hall of famer died on Sunday evening at his home in Varina, Virginia. Dean had a string of hits in the 1960s but was best known for "Big Bad John," a ditty about a coal mining hero that topped the country and pop music charts in 1961 and won a Grammy. Dean also had great success after starting the Jimmy Dean Meat Company in 1969. He later sold it to Sara Lee Foods. Dean is survived by his second wife, Donna. [VOA News]

Charles Barkley Wants to Ruin, err, Run Your Franchise

Charles Barkley is getting bored in his role of broadcasting lunatic and is looking to wiggle his 411-pound body back into an NBA locker room. The former Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers star has expressed interest in becoming in NBA general manager as early as next season. As one of the least coachable and most erratic players of all time, the role seems like a no-brainer. Hell, he even has the criminal record to help him relate to the players. If only he had any sort of experience or credibility this move would make a lot of sense. [Huffington Post]

ESPN to Deliver Programming Over Xbox Live

Microsoft and ESPN have struck a deal delivering exclusive sports programming to Xbox Live. The partnership will deliver more than 3,500 sports events, most of which will be in high definition. The free service will also offer top sporting events being broadcast on the main network in addition to polls, trivia and other content inline with the broadcasts. [LA Times]

Lenovo Trying Face Recognition For Logins On New Laptops

Lenovo's new IdeaPads will be using face recognition as a way to replace passwords for users logging onto the laptops. Lenovo's VeriFace combines the Windows login and file encryption to password-protect individual files. It identifies users by matching unique features of their faces to photographs taken by the 1.3-megapixel webcam built into the laptop. When Windows users start up their PCs, a camera window pops up in the login frame. The user then just has to adjust their position so their face appears in the window, and VeriFace logs them in automatically. That could be good, but is the technology really ready for mass market devices? [eWEEK]

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