Wallet-Sized HD Camcorders

July 2, 2008


That could be a slight exaggeration unless you happen to be of the George Costanza school of wallet stuffing.  Gadgetastic has two different HD camcorders that could easily fit in a jacket pocket if not in your jeans.  Finally, the entire world will know the delicate intricacies of your beautiful mind

 The first is from DXG and is a play to the You Tubers out there looking to get a little more serious about their videos.  Cleverly dubbed the DXG-567V, it offers genunien HD video in 1080p at 30 fps.  The selling point for DXG, though, is that the easy-to-operate camera makes easy-to-upload content.  Included is a built-in USB cable and software to put your vids directly on the social video site (cough, cough) of your choice. 

The second is from Lancerline and is a little bit more of a traditional design but in the same easy-to-forget-at-a-bar size.  This one has the flip screen and the option to shoot in 720p at 60 fps instead of 1080p at 30 fps. It’s somewhat barebones, but it should be more than sufficient of a rig to tape your friends making huge mistakes.