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Hire Heroes USA

November 09, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,241

Hire Heroes USA's mission is to offer transition assistance, job search assistance, and job placement services to those who have honorably served in the US military – and to their spouses – in order to reduce veteran unemployment.

The Hire Heroes USA mission is accomplished through the following programs & services:

- Online/Telephone Coaching is a free service for unemployed veterans and transitioning military members. The 3-phase process of Assessment, Training and Mentorship allows Hire Heroes USA help veterans understand their transferable skills, learn best-practice and techniques for job search and create an updated, corporate resumes.

- Warrior Transition Workshops target wounded, ill or injured service members – and their spouses – who are transitioning out of civilian life. Held in conjunction and with funding from the USO, service members identify their financial needs in the civilian world, develop a post-military strategic plan, create a resume that conveys experience and value to employers, learn how to realistically conduct a job search and practice interview techniques.

- Career Opportunity Days are held in partnership with the USO and US Chamber of Commerce at military bases that have hosted Warrior Transition Workshops. These non-traditional job fairs provide companies with the chance to meet resume-ready veterans and transitioning military members who are able to convey their talents and experience in civilian terms.

- The Hire Heroes USA Job Board is an online forum for veterans and transitioning military members utilizing Hire Heroes USA's programs and services to access jobs posted by military-friendly companies. Veteran candidates are able to post their resumes and apply or contact companies directly on the Hire Heroes USA Job Board. For a reduced-cost, companies are able to create profiles, post open positions and search potential candidates with military experience.

• Since 2008, Hire Heroes USA has
- Helped more than 330 veterans/spouses achieve sustainable employment
- Received, revised & returned over 2,500 professional-quality resumes that translated military experience into transferable job skills
- Conducted 17 Warrior Transition Workshops at 9 different military installations, assisting 278 wounded, ill or injured Soldier, Sailors and Marines
- Partnered with the USO and US Chamber of Commerce to host 4 Career Opportunity Days

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