Hire Heroes USA

November 9, 2011

Hire Heroes USA's mission is to offer transition assistance, job search assistance, and job placement services to those who have honorably served in the US military – and to their spouses – in order to reduce veteran unemployment.

The Hire Heroes USA mission is accomplished through the following programs & services:

- Online/Telephone Coaching is a free service for unemployed veterans and transitioning military members. The 3-phase process of Assessment, Training and Mentorship allows Hire Heroes USA help veterans understand their transferable skills, learn best-practice and techniques for job search and create an updated, corporate resumes.

- Warrior Transition Workshops target wounded, ill or injured service members – and their spouses – who are transitioning out of civilian life. Held in conjunction and with funding from the USO, service members identify their financial needs in the civilian world, develop a post-military strategic plan, create a resume that conveys experience and value to employers, learn how to realistically conduct a job search and practice interview techniques.

- Career Opportunity Days are held in partnership with the USO and US Chamber of Commerce at military bases that have hosted Warrior Transition Workshops. These non-traditional job fairs provide companies with the chance to meet resume-ready veterans and transitioning military members who are able to convey their talents and experience in civilian terms.

- The Hire Heroes USA Job Board is an online forum for veterans and transitioning military members utilizing Hire Heroes USA's programs and services to access jobs posted by military-friendly companies. Veteran candidates are able to post their resumes and apply or contact companies directly on the Hire Heroes USA Job Board. For a reduced-cost, companies are able to create profiles, post open positions and search potential candidates with military experience.

• Since 2008, Hire Heroes USA has
- Helped more than 330 veterans/spouses achieve sustainable employment
- Received, revised & returned over 2,500 professional-quality resumes that translated military experience into transferable job skills
- Conducted 17 Warrior Transition Workshops at 9 different military installations, assisting 278 wounded, ill or injured Soldier, Sailors and Marines
- Partnered with the USO and US Chamber of Commerce to host 4 Career Opportunity Days