Winner's Bracket; Modern, Round 8: CIA vs IRA

December 2, 2010



Briefcase Gun.


Cigar Bomb.



LPO-50 Flamethrower.


Nail Bomb.


MAC-10 vs AR-15. Edge = AR-15.

This was close, but like Mini Uzi vs AK-47 in Cartel vs Pirates, I have to go with the longer ranged weapon. Even though they are both accurate, the AR-15 can drop more guys quicker because of that range.

Briefcase vs Flamethrower. Edge = Briefcase Gun.

This was also very close, but the IRA don't know who the CIA is from under cover, and when he walks near a guy with a briefcase, he's going to be secretly shot down. Though the Flamethrower is a hell of a weapon, it's super heavy, and slows him down... A LOT.

Garrote vs Slingshot. Edge = Garrote.

Both weapons aren't great killing tools, seeing how you only have to kill a guy with an eye-shot, whereas you have to come from behind with the Garrote. But since the Garrote has more lethality, I have to give it the edge.

Cigar Bomb vs Nail Bomb. Edge = Nail Bomb.

Though the Cigar Bomb is neat, it only kills one guy, but that depends if it's in his mouth (kill), in his hand (injury), or in the ashtray (EPIC FAIL). The Nail Bomb kills a lot of guys at once, probably the greatest shrapnel bomb ever used in battle.


As a group of IRA combatants are planning in their warehouse, going over to see where they are about to kill a large number of British soldiers to leave North Ireland, one raises a cigar to his mouth. He got it from his friend, whose cousin lives in America. He lit the cigar and took a heavy puff. He laughed between puffs, thinking about the dead Brits, when all of a sudden, his cigar blew, taking his face and jaw with it. His dead body threw back in his chair, startling the rest of the IRA, and they pulled up their weapons.

CIA: 6. IRA: 5.

Meanwhile a van across the street empties six CIA spies get out, one is the leader, the so called 'friend's cousin', and they all scattered across the street, looking like casual, normal people. When the IRA came out, they patrolled the street. The 'casual' CIA pretended they were still normal people, and they got up from the benches they were sitting on. They got up against the wall. One said to an IRA soldier, "We don't want any trouble, here." He said, but the IRA turned and shot him anyway, but the other CIA shot him down with their MAC's and briefcase.

CIA: 5. IRA: 4.

The rest of the CIA, now aware the other group of them already released fire, the others ran but one was caught ablaze by an IRA member with a flamethrower.

Another CIA who saw the flamethrower operator snook behind him, and pulled out a garrote. He choked the IRA to the ground, and his neck was slit till he was decapitated. However, another IRA turned and shot him.

CIA: 3. IRA: 3.

Two of the CIA run for cover into an alley, and they turn to shoot, and hit another IRA, but it wasn't vital, and he slowly pulled out his detonator, and the next second the two CIA spies were riddled with nails.

The last CIA agent heard the explosion and ran in the alley, where the IRA was just getting up, but the CIA shot him in the head.

Walking through the street again, a IRA jumped out and shot. But he didn't shoot a gun, and the projectile wasn't a bullet. He shot a slingshot, but it only hit the CIA's arm. "Ow." He said as he shot the IRA down.

Another IRA jumped out and shot, gashing the CIA agent. He shot back, but after four bullets (that missed) his gun was out. The IRA shot back, killing the CIA agent.

CIA: 0. IRA: 1.

IRA: 513.

AR-15: 311.

LPO-50: 93.

Slingshot: 1.

Nail Bomb: 108.

CIA: 487.

MAC-10: 283.

Briefcase Gun: 144.

Garrote: 6.

Cigar Bomb: 54.