Who Will Direct Paranormal Activity 2?

February 25, 2010

Paramount can't make its mind up about who is going to direct the sequel to Paranormal Activity, the $15,000 movie that grossed a whopping $100 million dollars. Now all kinds of directors are lining up for the job to direct the sequel. Young directors, old directors--everyone wants in. But one director in particular will probably surprise you.

Turns out, amongst all the newbies with only one movie under their belt, Brian De Palma also wants to be considered. That's pretty crazy, considering this is the guy who directed Scarface and The Untouchables.

But there's a slew of young directors who are vying for the job, and they might be better suited to maintaining the realism and gritty filmmaking that made the first so popular. The Los Angeles Times has the scoop:

As for the young genre directors, they include a more Peli-ish group of freshmen and sophomores: Brad Anderson (director of a Woody Harrelson-Emily Mortimer thriller a few years back called Transsiberian) and Greg McLean (a writer and director on an Australian horror movie called Wolf Creek -- another low-budget title that made a nice multiple, $16 million in U.S. box office).

Who will get the job is anyone's guess -- my guess is that it won't be any of the guys from this list. But whoever does get it will have a very difficult task. Sequels are hard enough to make as good as or better than the original, when the movie is shot cinema verite-style like this one it makes it that much harder to convince anyone that what they're watching is interesting or plausible.

Stay tuned on updates on the Paranormal Activity director search.

Source: Paramount Pictures