Model Starts Model Party

July 20, 2010

A Romanian model disgusted by her country’s supposedly dowdy image has created a political party for beautiful people. Yes, strictly for hotties. Already she’s off to a flying start with some outlandish policies to stamp out the U.G.L.Y.

Sanziana Buruiana, a 23-year-old blonde Romanian model, started the political party to change the country’s image and to help promote tourism. One of her first laws would be “insisting that only models in bikinis are allowed to work as tourist guides.” Buruiana also wants to introduce a fat tax and would charge obese citizens “a rate of 10 Euros per kilo overweight.” If that law was translated to the U.S. it would be $13 for every 2 pounds. Yikes. It's lucky that guy who had to be lifted out of his house by a crane doesn't reside in Romania.

The model politician’s law and order policy is pretty light and includes outlawing “dumb blonde jokes.” Buruiana says, “Anyone like that needs to be put in prison.” For some reason this law feels personal.

This lady is definitely on to something. Next stop for change: banning ugly people from politics!