Hun vs. Persian Immortal

January 29, 2011


Close: Scythian Axe-Edge: Longer range and killing power

Mid: Longsword

Long: Composite Bow-Edge: Better design and speed

Specail: Lasso



Close: Sagaris

Mid: Spear-Edge: Length and versatility 

Long: Persian Bow

Specail: Chariot Scythe- Edge: More killing power



Too scared to fight Alexander, a Hunnic horseman runs away from Attlia to save his skin. A few weeks later (seven to be persice), he comes across old celtic land. A Persian Immortal stands above a slain Celt. He turns around and eyes the Hun. The battles on.

The Persian hops in his chariot, which he steers himself. The Hun charges on horseback. They draw their respective bows and fire at the same time. The person arrow barely skins the leather of the Hun. The Hun arrow goes through the bronze scales, but is slow down and only cause a flesh wound. 

The Hun whips out his lasso and jerks to the side of the charging chariot. He focuses too much on the lasso though, not seeing the scythes tumbling towards him. The Hun throws and connects with the lasso, but at the exact same moment, the scythes rip the legs of his horse clean off (I don't like animal cruelty, but history was cruel.Live with it) . 

The Immortal is ripped off his chariot, which keeps going for a few miles. The Hun falls off the body of his limbless horse. The two regroup by themselves. The Persian grabs his Sagaris and Sheild, while the Hun tag teams with his sword and axe.

The Hun slashes the top of the shield off with his sword. The Immortal returns with a quick swing, knocking the sword out of the Huns hand. The Hun tries to cherish the skull of the Persian, but he rolls out of the way and hamstrings the Hun. The small point of the Sagaris comes down into the chest of the Hun again and again.

"Why does Alexander always have to send these guys my way. He already conquer my empire." the Immortal said, picking his teeth with his axe as he walked back to find his chariot.


Winner: Persian Immortal!

Who/What/Where/How: The well balanced ranged weapons, bronze scales, and shield helped the Kings guard to take out Attlia's solider.


Sagaris:The bad ass axe in combo with the blocking shield got a pretty 127 kills.

Spear: When used with the shield, the bronzed ball was able to trip, beat, and sometimes kill to allow the spearhead to do it's magic 195 times.

Bow: Possibily one of the worst bows on the show was able to takeout the venerable Hun 153 times.

Scythe: While this tool took down the Huns horse to give the high advantage to the Persian, the fact that the Hun had mobility on and off horse was the reason why the scythe only chopped the Hun up, or caused him to fall and break his neck 37 times. But this tool was able to lay out the playing field when it came to horse on horse action, as well as effecting the ground based combat.

Overall: 512


Axe: This bone chrusher was out gunned by the axe and shield combo, but was still able to rib and bashed the torso and head of the Persian 95 times.

Longsword: Greatly out distanced by the spear on horse to horse, this bladed beauty did find 95 lucky head and neck shots, mostly on the ground.

Bow: This time the Hun's bow deserves this much kills. With the ability to fire and take the armour and even the shield of the Immortal gave with machine gun a rich 270 kills. Weapon MVP of the match.

Lasso: The rope couldn't dismount the Persian to many times due to the scythe, and was only able to strangle or cause the conccusion of the Persian only 28 times. Expect great things against the Commache though.

Overall: 488


Ending Statement: The fans season sucks!!!!!! Sure, I had great warriors, but my writing style gives them no justice! If anyone wants me to bring it back, I'll do it, but for now it'll be a Kelly/Roker style for me. Screw torments. Screw rematches. Screw inaccrtute weapons. LET THE BLOOD SHEDDING BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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