The Auction Hunters Get Loud And Flashy

April 29, 2012
This week Ton and Allen's adventure was definitely explosive, loud, and full of surprises. Our heroes decided to travel to Glendale, CA to see what treasures they could find. Did the city of big spenders treat the boys well? Let's find out!


Sold For: $4,500

It was time to see what $400 bought Ton and Allen. After they rummaged through a few power saws, they opened a metal case with what looked like a control board in it. What could this device possibly control? Upon closer inspection Allen realized the control board had some age on it and controlled something…explosive, so they decided to meet up with Mike, a pyrotechnician who could possibly offer them a sweet deal for their find. Mike broke it down for the boys and let them know that apparently the control board was one of the best computerized firing systems ever made for fireworks. After Mike and the Auction Hunters put the control board to the test quickly, lighting up the sky in seconds. Was Mike impressed? You betcha! Mike handed over $4,500 in cash moments later, ending their Glendale trip with a bang.

Could an episode get more fun, explosive, and profitable than this? I don't think so. Ton and Allen spent $1,150 on two storage units, sold their finds for $8,305 and strolled out of Glendale with a profit $7,155 in cold hard cash. Now that's a fat wallet.

Fireworks are stunning, but they're even cooler when you're gonna get paid thousands of bucks moments later. Head over to for this week's episode "Drumming Up Cash," now available online, to see all the magic happen. Always keep an eye out for the Auction Hunters on Facebook and stay tuned for Ton and Allen's new adventures on Wednesdays at 9/8c.