My Video Gaming History

December 6, 2009

Well, I started playing video games when I was 4. My first game was the very first Crash Bandicoot for the Playstation. I beat the game by the time I was 5. By the time I was 6 I had a Gamecube and was suddenly addicted to Super Smash Brothers. Then I got a Playstation2 when it came out. I got hooked on Dragonball Z, Grand Theft Auto and WWE games for a while until I discovered the, in my opinion, best game series ever made. That game was Kingdom Hearts. I played those for a long time till I was 13 and got an Xbox 360 for christmas. Then I went back to Dragonball Z: Burst Limit and Grand Theft Auto 4. After that I got the red ring of death and, being as dumb as I was, sold it. Now I am currently hooked on World of Warcraft and I dont think I will ever switch to anything else.