Lighter With Spy Video Camera

January 29, 2009

This metallic, flippy, Zippo-esque lighter is not just any old lighter.  It’s a lighter, sure, and it totally works for that.  But it also works for taking stealthy, spy videos of stuff.  See the eagle eye? That’s a friggin’ video camera.  I’m going to sing the James Bond theme and jump over a cubicle in 3, 2, 1…

Awesome.  That worked out well.  The lighter supports microSD cards up to 8GB in size, records in 640x480 QVGA (which is what most point-and-shoot digital cameras record at), and has a battery life that supports 6 hours of filming. 

I wish I had more secret spy stuff to film - like a conversation between a one-eyed man and an informant in a trench coat.  As it stands I'm probably just going to film my landlady to see if she's talking sh*t about me never wearing clothes with the curtains open. I'm a naturalist, woman! 

Image Source: Ajoka Micro Surveillance Solutions