Yes, That's 13 Dogs Jumping Rope

September 16, 2011

Pity the poor circus. Once, a bunch of clowns and stuntmen showing up on the edge of town was cause for excitement. Now, not so much. They're underpaid, overworked, and have to find as many ways of getting butts in seats as possible.

Fortunately for Uchida Geinousha and her Super Wan Wan Circus, she has what can only be called a winning act: 13 dogs jumping rope. No, seriously:

As you may have gathered from the video, that's actually a world record. We're kind of impressed anybody has taught a dog to skip rope in the first place: we love dogs but it takes a lot of patience to train them to do anything, let alone skip rope.

And, apparently, Geinousha wants to add more dogs to the act. Don't worry, ma'am; we're pretty sure that nobody is trying to break your record. Anyway, it'd be more impressive if you got thirteen cats to jump rope.

Source: Guinness World Records/Getty Images