Ira Vs. Cia

January 16, 2011

This will be a match ups between selfproclaimed freedom fighters and the American secret service. Who is deadlier... 


IRA                                                                                                                                   The Ira stands for Irish Republican Army and wanted to have liberate Ireland from great Britain. Orginally the IRA fought between 1919 and 1929 and made the English send in the soldiers they had used in wo1. Both sides had done some real atrocities and in 1922 the Ira had an army of 72000 men. Luckely, in 1922 there came aq truce and shortly after a peace treaty, that was signed by some of the most important men in the Ira. Most Ira soldiers were not happy with this treaty, which ended in a civil war. Reafferming the loyalty of the soldiers, the new Irish republican army existed from 1922 till 1960. I will focus the weapons on this new Ira.

The weapons the Ira are rebelling with are the Webly Revolver, the AR-15 Armelite, nailbomb and the LPO-50 flamethrower. They wear no armour at all.


CIA                                                                                                                                   The Central intelligence is the secret service of the United states. The prime purposes of the Cia are gathering intelligence from both inside and outside the usa and advise public policymakers, but they are also active in exterting foreign political influences, paramilitairy actions and covert operations. I can tell about all technical stuff, but i bet that you guys know a lot more about the Cia then i do. But i can tell you that the Cia relies on stealth, especially in my match up. 

The Cia strikes back with the Walther PP with Silencer, Ingram mac 10 with Silencer, C4 explosives and the zytel knife+ throwing knifes. The Cia does not wear any bodyarmour either. 

The Edges


Webly Revolver Vs. Walther PP+ Silencer                                                                            The webly is a good revolver, six bullets and a lot of stopping power. The walther PP is a handgun that i took out of the briefcase gun. It has more bullets then the webly and i believe, a longer effective range. It has less drawback then the revolver, making it more accurate to shoot and has a silencer to shoot undetected.  It is also smaller, aming it easier to hide.                                                                                                                      Edge: Cia


Ar-15 Armelite Vs. Ingram Mac 10+ Supressor                                                                      I have these weapons for both midrange and long range. I could not find other weapons, good to use for these ranges and i believe that a fire weapon should be effective on mid/long range. I know it is unfair to compare a machine gun against a sub machine gun but the ingram has its advantaged too. The armelite beats the ingram in both range and power. The Ingram beats the armelite in reliability, is more effective in buildings and has a suppressor, so even after it shoots, the enemy might not notice you. I have had a really hard time deciding but in the end is the armelite in my opinion the better weapon, closely followed by the ingram                                                                    Edge: Ira


Nailbomb Vs. C4                                                                                                                   Both are dangerous explosives. The nailbomb leaves spikes to inpale the victim but the nailbomb can have a bigger bang, deciding on how much c4 is used. In my opinion is the c4 better, it is easier to transport and set up. You can hide it better and is able to give the bigger explosion.                                                                                                            Egde: Cia


Lpo-50 flamethrower Vs. Zytel knife+throwing knifes                                                        The flamethrower is a good thing to set people on fire. It has a good reach and even if the enemy escapes, he will still be cooking. The lpo-50 has three shots and with each shot you empty a tank of fuel. The zytel knife is an stealth knife, meant to use undetected anbd the throwing knifes are lethal on their own. Even if the throwing knifes do not kill, they can distract. The flamethrower is the better killer, but the knife combination follows quick behind.                                                                                        Edge: Ira


Armour                                                                                                                                  In this match up i chose to exclude body armour. It was not always worn and if you include it, you need to include armour penetrating bullets etc. So no armour means they are even.                                                                                                                              Edge: Even

Ready to Rumble


With an approving look, Ed looked at his soldiers. As head of the Ira, he had planned an attack on an American politican, who was going to speak in England tommorow. Ed had found himself an amazing crew of the best soldiers the ira had to offer and had taken them to this old school. The big and silent Billy, who was now on guard duty, was a great wrestler and could lift more weight then anyone else. Not the most amazing shooter but up to the task and Ed had given him one of his two Webly revolvers. Ed had kept the other one for himself. Then Ed had asked Skeeno to come. Skeena was an electrican who also knew how to build great bombs. A few moments ago, Ed had given the command to install a camera and a nailbomb in front of the door, in case anything happend with Billy. Then there was Mac. Mac was the second in command in this mission and a great shot. He now had traded his armelite in for the flamethrower. Ed had found it an odd choise, but if that makes the man happy... Lastly Ed had brought a new recruit, Scot, who had suprised anyone with his shooting abilities and had been grateful when Mac gave him the armelite. Now downstairs in one of the old classrooms, Scot was happy drawing on the chalkboards. Ed and Mac were both on the second flour, looking at the empty screen of an old tv. A door went open and Skeeno appeard. 'Have you set the nailbomb and camera' Ed asked. 'Ofcourse', Skeeto answered with smile. 'Both very well hidden if i may say so myself. Just turn the tv on.' Mac turned the tv on and now they saw the big figure of Billy on he screen. 'Good job' Ed said while mac nodded.


Casey looked at his elite agents. Mr. Geis was going to give a speach here but with a routine check, the Cia had found out that the Ira was planning an attack on the politician. Now the Cia had send their five top agents and Casey was in charge. Besides Casey was Kelly here, a femme fatal with some dangerous knifes. John the explosives expert was with him. He was carring the C4 the team might use. Then there was Sarah, a beatiful girl who was in love with Casey and lastly Chuck. Chuck was the little brother of Casey and he, just like Casey had an Walther pp and a ingram. Their intell had informed Casey that the Ira members were hiding in an old school building and that they were dealing with five opponents. On his command, Casey had let this group from the parking space and into some streets when they finally arrived at a fence. The gate of the fence was open and inside, there was indeed an old school building with one man standing in front of it. 

Ira: 5   Cia: 5

'I'l take care of him' Kelly said with a smile. She then took her zytel knife, hidding in her sleeve and slowly walked towards the big guard. 'Halt' Billy spoke with a thick Irish accent. 'Can i go in for some sightseeing? Kelly asked sweetly. The big man thought for a second and then is answer was clear. NO! When the big man grabbed her to push Kelly away, she took her knife and stabbed the man in the stumach. Billy yelled in agony, which got the attention of the man in the schoolbuilding, who were now looking at the tv. Thinking the big guard was dead, Kelly quicly checked the pockets of the man, looking for a key, only to find two powerful grabbing her wrists. 'No you don't the man spoke.' Kelly tried to get out of the iron grip while the other cia members walked towards the door, thinking the coast was clear when suddenly the nailbomb exploded, taking the lives of both people. Skeeto had set off the bomb remotely on orders of Ed.                    

Ira: 4  Cia: 4

The other four Cia members, slowly made it to the door while inside commands were given. Scot was to wait in front of the door to shoot anyone who tried to enter while Skeeto and Mac were send downstairs to take out the other people that might follow. When the agents finally reached the door, Chuck noted the camera and took care of it with a quick shot. Chuck found the key quicly and as the others dragged the body's away, Chuck replaced his handgun with his submachine gun and kicked the door open. Before he could shot a single bullit, he was sprayed with bullets coming from the armelite. The other Cia agens took cover and Casey grunted in anger to see the dead body of his younger brother. This meant war. Scot was very happy with his first kill and quickly loaded his armelite again, not noticing that the cia had recovered the latest body. As he was about to shoot again, he ducked for cover as someone was now firing back and hit the young ira member in the side. Casey was shooting with his Ingram, while Sarah sneaked past the door, holding the gun of Chuck. Scot instantly hated that pested gun his opponent was shooting with. He could not hear the bullets being shot and therefore did not know if his opponent was shooting or not. When he finally turned to the opponents again, he found a girl standing before him, holding a walther to his forehead and shot it without remorse. 

Ira: 3  Cia: 3

The last three cia members split up and as Sarah went towards some stairs, John went into a hallway. Casey checked a few classrooms. Walking in a hall with some old lockers, John got an idea and placed some c4 in one of the lockers. When he was done, he heard someone coming and jumped into a nearby dressingroom where he still have full view. Skeeto entered another halway rembering his own schooldays. He hated it those days but he did have had a good education. Spotting some lockers, Skeeto thought about placing a nailbomb here and wait in a nearby dressing room. He took the nailbomb out of his bag and opened a locker, to find some white stuff in it. He recocnised it but before he could say or do anything, he was send flying to the other wall, scraped of the locker following him. With a smile, John opened the door and saw the result of his beatiful C4 combined with the nailbomb.

Ira: 2  Cia: 3

When John was about the enter the other hall, where the Ira man had come from, another man appeared, holding a flamethrower.  The shocked John quicly ducked into the dressing room again as flames scorched past him. Walking trough the dressingroom, he opened another door and was just in time to avoid another fire attack. Mac, angry that he missed twice had followed the american into the gym and was now looking for his opponent. The man had dissapeared. When Mac was about to head back he saw a door. It looked like the door of an equipment closet and he kicked it open. In the meantime, John had checked if he had some more c4 but found nothing and gripped his handgun as the door was opened. John stared into the eyes of Mac and before John could even lift his gun, the flamethrower did his awful job.  

Ira: 2  Cia: 2

Mac returned to the hallway with broken pieces of what used to be a locker, nails and the blood and pieces of the dead body of his fallen fellow member. Mac walked into another hallway spotting a female opposing him. As the female ran towards him, Mac laughed as he pushed the button to give another fiery attack, only to find out that is weapon was empty. Cursing, Mac recieved two bullets in the chest and one in the head.

Ira: 1  Cia: 2

Sarah, who had just killed the man with the flamethrower, walked further, meeting Casey. 'Everything is empty downstairs' Casey spoke. As both moved towards the stairs, they made it to the second flour and Casey started checking the classrooms again as Sarah headed trough the hallway. As sarah walked, a door opened behind her and as she turned, the Ira leader shot his webly revolver. The bullet hit Sarah just above the knee and she fell on the ground. Ed walked towards the cia girl, kicked her gun away and held her at gunpoint as he spoke the words he wanted to say for so long. 'There will always be soldiers four the cause' Ed smiled and just before he could shot her, bullets flew into his legs, stumach and chest and the last Ira man fell on the ground. When Sarah looked up, she saw Casey, holding his inrgam and uttering the words: my brother is revenged.

Ira: 0  Cia: 2

Winner: Cia



Cia: 41

Walther PP: 8.5

Ingram Mac 10: 9

C4: 9.5

Zytel knife+throwing knifes: 8

Armour: 6



Ira: 39.5

Webly Revolver: 7.5

Ar-15 Armelite: 9.5

Nailbomb: 8

LPO-50 flamethrower: 8.5

Armour: 6


The Cia is clearly the victor here. Not only are they better trained, but due to the stealth in their missions they can take the opponent out without anyone noticing an intruder, while the ira makes sounds and thus drawing attention to themselfs when attacking.