WW2 British Paratroopers vs Khmer Rouge

January 3, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when daring soldiers of World War 2 England take on the murderous soldiers of Pol Pot? Read on to see who...is...deadliest!?


(Due to comments posted, weapons that got the edge, as well as weapon kills, and who had the strongest & weakest weapons, have been changed. Who won has also changed, which should hopefully calm you down.)


WW2 British Paratrooper

Short Range: Webley Revolver

Medium Range: Sten MKIIS Submachine Gun

Explosive: NO 69 Grenade

Special: British Machete


Khmer Rouge

Short Range: Makarov Pistol

Medium Range: AK-47 Assault Rifle

Explosive: RGD-5 Grenade

Special: Ballistic Knife


Who Got the Edge

Webley Revolver vs Makarov Pistol: The Makarov pistol get's the edge. See comments for details.


Sten MKIIS vs AK-47: The AK-47 gets the edge. See comments for details


NO 69 Grenade vs RGD-5 Grenade: Both grenades get the edge. They were designed to be lethal, but also were made to be thrown up close with any damage to it's user (as long as they had adequate cover), so they're useful at short distances.


British Machete vs Ballistic Knife: The Ballistic Knife gets the edge. The Machete is capable of some devastating up close damage, but the Knife can be used up close, and at a distance as well.



Captain Bryce of the 22nd Airborne, along with Lieutenant James & 3 new recruits, were flying over the jungle of what appeared to be the Pacific, apparently on some sort of intelligence mission. Unaware of the situation, Lieutenant James slid over to the Captain to get the situation.


"Captain Bryce." James spoke. "What are we doing over here?"


"Word from top told me that there some sort of radical group in this area." said Bryce. "We think they've been trying to sabotage British interests in the area. So, we've been set in to check things out."


"Wish I was back in Europe kicking Nazi ballocks." James said.


Captain Bryce placed a hand on his Lieutenant's shoulder. "Don't worry." he said. "Once this mess is taken care off, we'll head back to Europe and give those Germans a good whalloping."


As he finished talking, the green light signaled for the men to get their parachutes ready. With a quick patdown, they proceeded towards the hatch. With a nod to the others, Captain Bryce opened the hatch, and a gush of air came into the cabin.


"Alright men, jump!" Bryce shouted. One by one, each of the soldiers jumped out of the plane. Giving a thumbs up to the pilots, Captain Bryce jumped out of the plane, and proceeded to fall toward his men. As he was falling, the Captain noticed that one of his men was going in the wrong direction. Trying to signal to him to get back into the group, he realized that he was too far away, and instead managed to fall into line with the others.


10 minutes had passed, and Captain Bryce gaves the thumbs up to pull the parachute cords. Each men pulled, and their parachutes came out quick as a soccer ball going into a goal. They were now gliding into the jungle canopy, and Bryce managed to one last glance at his waywayrd soldier, who was landing much farther away than he thought.


3 minutes had passed, and the men landed in the jungle. Captain Bryce landed with a light "thud". He got up, and took off the now useless parachute. His other men did the same, but there was something amiss. "Lieutenant James was with us, wasn't he?" asked one of the new recruits. 


The Captain nodded. They began to look for him, when they realized that he got stuck in the trees right above they. They stared at him, laughing as he struggled to get out of the restrains. "Having fun up there?" Bryce asked in a sarcastic tone.


"Not really." Lieutenant James growled. He reached for his machete, and began to cut the ropes. A second later, he dropped out of the canopy, and into the arms of his comrades. He landed right into their arms, and proceeded to get to his feet. "Thanks for the catch." he said.


"Alright, enough fun then." spoke Captain Bryce. "Men, on me!"


The Lieutenant, and the two recruits moved to the Captain's position. "Captain Bryce, where is Corporal Billings? Didn't he jump out of the plane with us?"


"He did, but feel out of formation." Captain Bryce responded. "That's why we...."


As if on cue, the sounds of gunfire came into being. "That must be where Billings landed." said one of the recruits.


"Alright men, let's go." Captain Bryce shouted, and they immediated rushed to their comrade. 5 minutes later, they arrived at the spot where Billings had fallen. He was still hanging in the tree, riddled with bullens, and raining blood onto the ground.


Paratroopers: 4/Khmer Rouge: 5


"Poor bloke didn't stand a chance." Lieutenant James said solumnly.


"Men, make peace, and let's get moving." spoke Captain Bryce. The men had a moment of silence, then moved on.


As they made their way through the jungle, they noticed that there were signs on other people in their vacinity. A moment later, the men stumbled onto what appeared to be a small military encampment. Captain Bryce held up his fist to signal a stop. The men got behind some bushes, while Lieutenant James crept up with binoculars.


"Not that large, sir." spoke James. "Just a couple of tents, a truck, some barrels, and I think i see soliders, sir."


"How many?" Captain Bryce asked.


"Looks like 5, sir." James responded.


"All right, here's the plan." spoke Captain Bryce. "You take the recruits, and flank to the west, while I'll flank them from the East."


"Good luck." responded James. "You two, with me!"


A moment later, James and the recruits went out of sight, Leaving Bryce to the east. He got to his belly, and crawled like a snake through the grass. It would be slow, he though to himself, but it would allow him to get close without being seen.


4 minutes had passed, and the Captain was within sight of their target. He crept up behind one of the tents, and peeked out from behind. He could see some of the soldiers that Lieutenant James was talking about. Two of them were sitting at a table, apparently eating lunch and cleaning their rifles, which were of a design that he'd never seen before. Another soldier was standing beside the tent right next to the table, while the other two were busy refueling their truck with one of the barrels. Just as he was about to get out of cover, a twing snapped behind him.


One of the soldiers from the table, who was closest to the tent, drew a pistol from his belt, and went over to investigate. Alarmed by the fact that he might have been noticed, Captain Bryce went prone to the ground, in hopes of not getting noticed. The soldier was literarly standing right next to the captain, who at this point was holding his breath. As the soldier turned around to face the others, the Captain took his Sten, and shot him in the side of the head. Unfortunately, as the shot went off, the others could see the body fall down, and realized that they were under attack.


Paratroopers: 4/Khmer Rouge: 4


Alarmed, the soldiers in the middle of the encampment began shout in a language that Bryce had never heard of. As they were scrambling for cover, Lieutenant James and the recruits began their attacks from the west. One of the recruits, a bit more daring than the other, charged right into the firefight, and threw his No 69 Grenade into a tent that one of the soldiers ducked into when the firefight began. 3 seconds later, both the soldier & the tent were consumed in shrapnel.


Paratroopers: 4/Khmer Rouge: 3


The tent was in tatters, and the body of the soldier that ducked inside was turned into prime cuts of human meat. Before the recruit could inspect his work, one of the opposing soldier rolled a grenade of is own right under the recruit's feet, and ran for cover.


"Run!" Lieutenant James shouted at the recruit. Before the recruit could move away, the grenade went off, sending him flying into a nearby tent. After the smoke cleared, shrapnel covered all of his body, with his lower extremities shredded like cheese.


Paratroopers: 3/Khmer Rouge: 3


"Damnit!" Lieutenant James shouted under his breath. "There goes another fine man."


As the firefight continued, the three remaining opposing soldiers retreated to the truck. Two of then got into the front and started it up, while the third jumped into the back.


"Now's our chance!" Captain Bryce shouted. "Let's get em!"


Captain Bryce, Lieutenant James, and the surviving recruit charged the truck, which at this point was fully started. As they got closer, the truck began coming their way. Stopping, Bryce & James ducked out of the way, while the recruit just simply stood there. Dropping his sten, he pulled out his Webley Revolver, and shot at the incoming truck, most of the shots missed, but the last bullet went right through the window, and hit the driver right square in the eyes.


Paratroopers: 3/Khmer Rouge: 2


Smiling, the recruit holstered his revolver, and simply strolled away, unaware of the oncoming truck, which was now out of control. Seeing the shadow of the truck, it clicked in his head, and he finally began running out of the way. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the truck hit him head on. Stuck to the front, the recruit was struggling to get off of the truck, and die a quick death. Sadly, the truck tipped over, crushing the recruit's head. This had the unintended benefit of sending the soldier in the back flying into a nearby tree, cracking his skull wide open.


Paratroopers: 2/Khmer Rouge: 1


Walking over to the wrecked truck. Lieutenant went over to the recruits body, knelt down, and gave a small prayer. Captain Bryce came over, and placed a hand on the Lieutenant other shoulder. "Come on, let's check for survivors." he said.


Wiping some tears from his eyes, the Lieutenant got up from the ground, and both men walked over to the wreckage. Smoke came from the engine, and the back was completely shattered. "Looks like no one survived." spoke Lieutenant James. "Check the front, I though I spotted one of them in the front earlier."


"Alright." responded James. He climbed up the truck's side, and onto the door. He looked in, and saw both bodies. "I don't think anyone surviv...." the Lieutenant spoke, just as a blade came shooting out of the door window. The blade landed straight into the Lieutenant's neck, causing him to spill a lot of blood.


"James!" Bryce shouted as his comrade's body fell to the ground. There was little movement afterwards.


Paratroopers: 1/Khmer Rouge: 1


Before Bryce could go over and inspect the damage, the surviving soldier popped out of the door. Angered, Bryce dropped his sten on the ground, and took the machete from his belt. The surviving soldier, still a little dazed from the crash, successfully got out of the truck, clutching a Ballistic Knife handle. He saw Captain Bryce, and made a beeline for the jungle. Captain Bryce gave chance.


2 minutes later, the surviving soldier sat down in front of a fairly sized tree, tired from running and fighting. As he reached his canteen for some water, he could hear footsteps behind. Climbing up the tree, he waited until Captain Bryce was overhead. All it took to kill him was a leap from the tree, and a knife to the skull.


Paratroopers: 0/Khmer Rouge: 1


Khmer Rouge: 530

Makarov Pistol: 150

AK-47 Assault Rifle: 300

RGD-5 Grenade: 70

Ballistic Knife: 30


WW2 British Paratroopers: 470

Webley Revolver: 85

Sten MKIIS Submachine Gun: 270

No 69 Grenade: 55

British Machete: 30


Final Examination: The Khmer Rouge had more modern weapons, and their brute force tactics were able to stomp the speed & skill of the British Paratroopers.


Strongest Weapon: With an unpresedented 300 kills, the AK-47 takes the first strongest weapon spot. With an equally impressive 270 kills, the Sten MKIIS takes the second strongest weapon spot


Weakest Weapon: In contrast, the British Machete gains only 30 kills, making it the first weakest weapon. The Khmer Rouge's Ballistic Knife, also with it's 30 kills, makes it the second weakest weapon of the fight.


Later this week: Crusader (3rd Crusade) vs Assassin (3rd Crusade)