Snakes on a Car?

August 1, 2011

Snakes, for a while, were getting into everything onscreen. Planes, trains, boats, just about every conveyance possible except the humble automobile. Fortunately, snakes and cars are finally getting their time together onscreen...just in a documentary.

Courtesy of Rachel Fisher, you have...snakes on a car.

The story is this: Fisher was driving down the highway in late July when her husband happened to notice something odd coming out of her hood: a snake head. It turned out to be attached to a full, live snake, who must have been horribly confused to suddenly be going 65 miles an hour when it just wanted a nap. The snake found its way around the windshield and ultimately falls off the car, which is unfortunate, but, come on, it should have known better.

For those wondering, the snake wasn't looking to bite anybody's face off. Fisher lives in the Memphis area, and sometimes it gets a little too hot there even for reptiles: it had crawled within the car to cool off a bit. Then it really got cooled off.

It also, this being YouTube, is a video that's rapidly making the rounds with the kind of person who owns nothing but free-range cotton t-shirts, and is outraged that Fisher, who clearly has no experience with possibly dangerous animals, didn’t pull over to the side of the road on a major highway. To which we say: it's a freaking snake.

Source: YouTube