Ultimate Fighter Recap: Week Three

October 1, 2009

Kimbo Slice opens up his philosophical side, Roy Nelson eats a Whopper and Keith Jardine accidentally starts a mêlée. It's week three and Kimbo Slice will finally get his chance to fight when he takes on Roy Nelson for the biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history.

Kimbo kicks off episode three with some frighteningly insightful thoughts on himself, his faith and the general struggles of life. Realizing that “enemy” and “inner me” kind of sound alike, Kimbo stumbles on the thought that he might be his own worst enemy. Not sure if that’s complete bull s*** or Socratic poetry, but either way I dig it and if I’m not careful I might wake up one day as a Kimbo fan.

There’s a lot of free time to kill in the house and your thoughts will tend to wander. It must be a weird feeling, but they’ve only been stuck there for a few days at this point in the show so it should be interesting to see what kind of revelations the Bearded One discovers over the next few weeks.

If Roy Nelson swallows a man whole, but no one is around to see it, does he get any fatter?

As philosophy class continues, Rashad Evans waxes on Roy Nelson’s psyche and offers an explanation for Roy’s, um, “independence.” He explains that Roy just isn’t used to training with a lot of different people and he doesn’t easily let strangers into his circle of trust, but Rashad thinks he’s earned the respect and trust that he’s looking for. According to Roy’s latest blog entry, it sounds like that might not be entirely accurate.

Moving on, Rashad’s good friend Keith Jardine stopped by the UFC training center and immediately started causing trouble –completely by accident. Rampage’s last fight was against “The Dean of Mean” and it must’ve stirred up some old feelings. Rampage hurt his jaw in that fight and wasn’t able to accept a fight with Rashad because of it. So of course, Rashad and Rampage got in each other’s face and there was a lot of back and forth about who was ducking who. Somehow, James McSweeney got himself involved in the hoopla and explained, rather hypocritically, that he doesn’t “do the constant verbal dialect.” That’s kind of like a man screaming, “Stop screaming.”

Later on at a training session, Marcus Jones (one of the biggest mo-fo’s on the planet) gets all bent out of shape when Rampage suggests he might want to rest his injured knee rather than fight through the pain and risk a serious injury. Seems logical enough, but Marcus all-but wets himself. He goes on to explain that he really is a pretty sensitive guy and his hobby is gardening, straight up Hightower style.

Before you know it, fight day is here and Kimbo Slice is ready to step into the Octagon with Roy Nelson.

Round 1:
Roy keeps Kimbo at bay with a quick and well-placed jab for the first two minutes or so, but he finds himself in trouble when Kimbo finally closes enough distance and gets Roy backed up against the fence. He starts to go in for the kill and Nelson is in trouble but the veteran clinches up and works to a takedown. Roy goes straight into mount (the exact situation Rampage was worried about). Nelson scoots over to side control and finds the crucifix. The crucifix doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it’s tough to get out of and forces a fighter to take a lot of unanswered punches. Unanswered punches is the key there; according to the unified rules of mixed martial arts, a fight must be called when a fighter sustains too many unanswered blows. But the clock ticks away and Roy runs out time to finish it.

Round 2
Kimbo tags Roy again and has him in trouble on the feet but this time Roy goes straight for the takedown. He goes for the crucifix again and with plenty of time to burn, lands enough of those unanswered punches to get the TKO. It’s kind of a cheesy way to win, but it’s legitimate.

Kimbo clearly still has a lot to learn about mixed martial arts. He looked lost on the ground against Nelson, but he showed some promising signs. Roy had difficulty taking him down in the first round and on the feet Kimbo is a dangerous man. He’s not just a brawler anymore.  

As the show closes, there are some sneak peeks into next week and it looks like Marcus Jones might be too sick to fight and the door could be open for Kimbo to join back into the competition

The Biggest episode in Ultimate Fighter history is now available in its entirety on iTunes.

Source: UFC