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The Auction Hunters Hit Pure Pasadena Profit

by AaronAhmadi   May 13, 2012 at 12:30AM  |  Views: 4,284
Home to wealthy residents, a famous monthly flea market, and jam-packed with antique items that would make any collector jump in joy, Pasadena was stop for the Auction Hunters this week. Let's jump right to it - time to clean out the storage units and see what Ton and Allen could salvage from their trip to the City of Roses:


Humongous shipping containers means humongous finds inside, and that's just what the boys were hoping for when they stepped onto the scene. At the auction, there were old faces and new faces, but one thing was for certain, they were all ready to pounce on any unit and give the Auction Hunters a tough time. On top of that, there were lines and lines of units this time - 36 to be exact - but Ton and Allen knew which ones were the winners and purchased two very promising units for $600.


Sold For: $5,500

The first unit, the "Bubble Wrap" unit, was just ripe with goodies: a wooden executive desk, air pumps, "zorb" balls, and an awesome pair of Segways. Who doesn't want to ride on a Segway at least once in their life? It's just a good time. It was then time to go hustle like pros, so Ton and Allen visited Suzanne, a Segway Dealer who was interested in seeing what kind of Segways the boys had on their hands. The Segways were apparently super oldschool, Generation 1 Segways to be exact, and Suzanne took them off the Auction Hunters' hands for a cool $5,500. See? Segways are always a good time.


Sold For: $5,000

You're probably wondering who would use a huge carpet to wrap something, right? Well, it's definitely worth it when what you're sheathing in protection is a gigantic gun – really, really gigantic. I'm talking so big it even made Ton look so small. After talking to Brian, an avid collector of antique firearms, our heroes realized that this beast of a gun was a punt gun. So maybe it wasn't used in Football, but this kind of gun was in great shape and more importantly, hadn't even been made for about 100 years - so it easily fetched $5,000 for the boys. As is Auction Hunters tradition, Ton absolutely had to put this mega firearm to work, absolutely decimating the shooting target. Yep, big guns mean big cash.

It was just pure Pasadena profit this week: after spending just $600 on two units, The Auction Hunters were simply surprised with how much moolah they stuffed into their wallets. The boys sold their finds for $12,760 and took home $12,160 in profit. Cha-ching!

Missed this week's awesome episode? Have no fear, Spike.com is here. Check out "Fake Punt Payoff", now available online. If you got love for Ton and Allen then you gotta hit up the Auction Hunters Facebook page, always packed with news and updates. Lastly, make sure to start your Wednesday nights off with a bang and tune-in to Auction Hunters at 9/8.c Till next week!

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