David Fincher is Going to Facebook Us

June 23, 2009

David Fincher has announced that he's in "advanced" talks with Columbia Pictures to direct a film about Facebook titled The Social Network. This is a far cry from Fight Club.

Slash Film tells us that Scott Rudin would produce and gives us these details:

The movie will tell the story of how Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook with his dorm roommates, and how the social networking revolution grew to over 200 million members. Mike DeLuca and Kevin Spacey are also producing, and hope to have the film in production by the end of the year, if not early next.

I'm not sure Facebook is that interesting a thing to do as a pastime, much less a reason to spend $10 or more to watch it as a movie. Maybe Fincher sees something else no one else does, but seeing as how Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) wrote the script, it could be great.

And it could also be...totally lame. Time shall tell.

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images