Edward Norton Picks Up Leaves of Grass

August 12, 2009

Edward Norton’s new movie, Leaves of Grass, is about a man named Bill Kincaid, an Ivy League professor who comes home to bury his brilliant twin brother – also played by Norton. But it turns out his brother’s not dead at all. After the success of Moon it looks like everyone wants to play more than one character per movie. Check out a poster and photos from the film after the jump.

Leaves of Grass was written, directed, and produced by Tim Blake Nelson, an actor most people would recognize from movies like O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Minority Report, and The Incredible Hulk. Nelson seems to be interested, like many actors, in broadening his career so that he can spend more time behind the camera.


Slash Film tells us this about the Leaves of Grass:

Bill Kincaid [Norton], an Ivy League classics professor, who “returns to rural Oklahoma to bury his dangerously brilliant identical twin brother, only to discover that the brother he believes to have been murdered has lured him home to involve him in a doomed plot against a local drug lord.  Before Bill can flee, he’s implicated in a murder, and his life has become completely unraveled, suggesting that no rational philosophy can protect us from life’s twists and dangers.

Nelson, Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon and Keri Russell co-star in the movie.

Ironically, this is being described as a “fast-paced comic film”, despite the fact that its main themes seem to be betrayal, drugs (hydroponic pot), and murder. Not the typical comic fare. Which is to say, it’s looking like this film might have a lot of potential.


As for Norton – it’s good to see him back in the game. For awhile it seemed like he was either taking big-budget money makers or nothing at all, and he wasn’t being a very good sport about that. The man couldn’t even be bothered to do any press for The Incredible Hulk, instead absconding to a tropical island to pout due to some nitpicking about the way the studio handled the film.


Hopefully this marks a return for Norton back to smaller movies with interesting ideas and risky parts. We need another American History X or Fight Club.

Source: Class 5 Films