Rematch: Jesse James' Gang vs Al Capone's Gang

August 25, 2010

JAMES --- Colt Revolver, Winchester Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, Dynamite Sticks, Pistol Whip, Horse Shoes, Bowie Knife.

CAPONE --- Colt Pistol, M1918 BAR, Sawed Off Shotgun, Molotov Cocktail, Baseball Bat, Brass Knuckles, Stiletto Knife.

EDGE --- Colt Revolver for fast quickdraw. BAR for faster pump action (Browning Automatic Rifle). Sawed Off Shotgun for concealabilty. Dynamite Sticks for concussion force. Baseball Bat for longer range and more lethality. Brass Knuckles for more lethality then throwing the Shoes. Bowie Knife for longer range, does more damage, can cut bones, and can be thrown.

P.S. This is going to be a six vs six battle because of the boss's (Jesse and Al) are both 1, and the gangsters are all 5.

Jesse James and his Gang of bankrobbers, ride up to a building called, 'Al's Insurance Bank.' "Bank." That was Jesse's favorite word. That and "Money." He and his Gang got off their horses, and sent a member of the gang inside. They peek threw a window and see him holding both his revolvers, saying, "We're here to make a li'l withdraw!" The employee says, "Well of course." He reaches below and pulls up shotgun. Before the bankrobber shoots his colts, the sawed off shotgun destroys his face. J = 5. C = 6.

The employee yells to someone in the back part of the bank, "Capone, a little help would be nice!-" A bowie knife was thrown at his neck. The knife thrower, now holding a Winchester, runs in and cracks open the vault. Inside he sees money. AND A LOT OF IT! He thinks there is a million dollars. His eyes turn to money symbols ($$) and grabs bag after bag after bag. When he grabs his tenth bag of money, a door opens up and a person with a baseball bat comes out. The rifle is shot but only gashes his enemy's arm. The bat comes down and throws the rifle down. It swings again and hits him in the head. J = 4. C = 5.

Capone, the bat gangster, and the rest of the Chicago Mafia, sneak up behind the outside door and start shooting. The one with the bat is shot back at in the neck, and then a stick of dynamite is thrown at another. The other three, one, of course, is Capone, jump out. They dodged both the explosion and the concussion force, but the one inside never had a chance. The bootleggers throw back an explosive of their own, throwing a molotov cocktail. It catches fire on another James member. J = 3. C = 3.

The rest of the Capone Gang, including Al, roll away from oncoming bullets. One of them roll to the left and punches another enemy to death with brass knuckles. Jesse throws horse shoes. One hits in the neck and kills him. Another Capone bootlegger sneaks up behind Frank, Jesse's brother, and stabs him with the stiletto. Jesse runs to help but it was too late. Frank was dead. J = 1. C = 2.

Jesse, wanting revenge, pistol whips the stiletto wielding foe. Blood squirts out of the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and cracks in the head. The skull suffered death from a depressed skull fracture. Angry like all hell, Jesse drops his bloddied pistol. He runs to his horse, grabbing his shotgun. Just in time, too. Colt (not a revolver) bullets fly at him. After six bullets are emptied, he sees Al switch it with a rifle. Jesse shoots one round, gets on his horse and rides away. Al gets in his own vehicle, a CAR, and drives side by side on James. He shoots his second bullet, now having none. It's Al's turn. He shoots two rounds, one misses, one gashes. He then shoots Jesse's race horse, dropping James. Al stops the car, and shoots him in the head, immediately killing. To send a message, he shoots the rest of the bullets. J = 0. C = 1.

CAPONE'S GANG --- 569.

Colt Pistol --- 123.

M1918 BAR --- 155.

Sawed Off Shotgun --- 148.

Molotov Cocktail --- 77.

Baseball Bat --- 14.

Brass Knuckles --- 10.

Stiletto Knife --- 12.

JAMES' GANG --- 431.

Colt Revolver --- 98.

Winchester Rifle --- 130.

Double Barrel Shotgun --- 122.

Dynamite Sticks --- 42.

Pistol Whip --- 10.

Horse Shoes --- 5.

Bowie Knife --- 24.