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The Top 10 Strangest Things You Didn’t Know About the Human Body

by ncoles   May 18, 2011 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 32,200

5. Your Finger Nails Grow at Different Rates

Photo: Nick Koudis/Photodisc/Getty Images

Are our bodies giving us the bird? Maybe, as the fastest growing nail on the human body is on the middle finger. Nails grow at the rate of 0.0004 of an inch daily (or about an inch every 250 days) and are made from keratin, which is the exact same protein that hair is made from.

Nail growth also differs on both hands. If you are right handed, your nails on your right hand will grow faster than the nails on your left hand and vice versa. On the flip side, the slowest growing nail is the thumbnail.

4. You Really Are Dying Every Day

Photo: DreamPictures/ Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Each minute a staggering 300 million cells in your body die. I know, it’s alarming! Now, because you rush off to the doctor or start planning your funeral, you need to understand that this is just part of the body’s replenishing cycle. Let’s look at this with some perspective. While 300 million sounds like a lot, it’s only about 0.0001% of the cells in your body. While there might be a bunch of cells dying off daily, a whole new batch is being born. Some 10 – 50 trillion cells are created everyday, replacing those that went on to greener pastures.

3. Your Blood Travels Around the Planet More than Twice Every Day

Photo: Comstock Images/Getty Images

Every single day the blood in the human body clocks up a ton of frequent flier miles. It travels a whopping 60,000 miles (or 96,540 km for our metric friends) per day on its journey through the body. That’d be like traveling around the earth more than twice every single day. Whoa, that’s a lot of miles. And you thought your commute to work was long.

2. Men Have A Uterus

Photo: Scott Bodell/ Photodisc/Getty Images

Yes, men are born with a uterus. Now, don’t freak out or get all Junior on us and try to impregnate yourself you just yet. The male uterus is actually useless. This body part, known as the prostatic utricle or vagina masculine, is located at the base of the prostrate near the ejaculatory ducts. It serves absolutely no purpose and is something left over from conception. Similarly, a woman’s uterus contain a bunch of dead end tubes that play no function in the female body, but would become the ducts in a male that carry semen from the testicles.

1. The Brain Doesn’t Feel Pain

Photo: Chad Baker/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The brain may register the pain you’re feeling, but it itself cannot feel any pain. This is because it contains no pain receptor. Zip, zilch, zero. In fact, the absence of such sensors allows scientist to attached electrodes directly to the brain of animals for scientific research with out causing any discomfort.

Now you might say, “Hang on a minute, my hangover for the weekend begs to differ.” Well, the pain from a headache is caused by the skin and bones around head which, unlike the brain, can feel pain.