Moodstream Brainstorms for You

June 19, 2008


Moodstream takes images from the Getty Images image bank, puts them in a slideshow of your (kinda) design, and sets them to music.  And, it does it all for free.  You’ll stare for hours.

Designed by the Barbarian Group, and they describes it as both “so awesome” and “a concepting tool.”  Those, in my opinion, understate the creative genius, and capacity as a creative catalyst of this project.

Using sliders in the upper left corner you select your mood by designated a point on the each slider for happy/sad, calm/lively, humorous/serious, nostalgic/contemporary, and warm/cool.  You can select the volume of music and style of the image cycling, too.

There’re drop down lists for the music playing (which you can click on and subsequently purchase).  There’re also links to the images cycling on the Getty Images main site.

If you’re into a starker display, though, you can set your mood and minimize all the dropdown windows and just go on a brain cruise for as long as you like.  

The only thing that would’ve been nice is a full screen option, but holy hell, it’s still pretty hypnotic.  I have yet to get over my awe of its design and use it as a brainstorming tool, but I imagine it’ll be pretty effective.