What It Is To Be A Bro Man

by Robbie E   July 02, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 758

What's up, bro? I'm back this week with another bro blog bro! You gotta know it's everyone's favorite read. I'm on a plane as I write this, and I'm the only in first class without a shirt on. Why's everyone making such a big deal about it?

Anyway. Now that everyone officially knows me and Jesse Godderz along with the freakiest chick in wrestling, Tara, are together they've been asking a ton of questions. But their main question is "What is a bro man?". Well, Robbie E is not going to lie. Being a bro man means being so manly that you're not afraid to admit that you do some things people may think are unmanly. Like what? Like this, bro.

5 - Shaving your body - Bro, come on. Who wants hair on their arms, legs, chest, back? Girls like feeling a smooth body. Plus, less hair in your pits means you will smell less and I even shave my... well you get the idea, bro. Girls like that too! Oh!

4 - Tanning - For some reason some people think going tanning is feminine. You kidding me, bro? Looking dark means you looked more ripped and covers up all the weird stuff on your body! Time to get over it!

3 - Eyebrow Threading - Look. No one wants fuzzy freakin' caterpillars on their face. Clean them bad boys up, bro!! Lets keep it real. If you ain't getting your eyebrows done it means you're not manly enough to deal with the pain. It hurts, bro!

2 - Matching - So what if I like my shoes to match my belt, and my watch, and my bracelet, and my boxer briefs, and my socks and my car? Ok that may be weird, but still manly. I totally pull it off, bro.

1 - Mirror - People claim I'm like this or like that cause I look in the mirror so much. But, bro, why shouldn't I when I look this good. If you were a bro man you would also!

Until next week! I'm a bro man! I'm shirtless in first class and this was my blog! Oh!!!

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