Win a Wife From a Canadian Radio Station

September 7, 2011

There are many ways to meet women. At bars, movies, sporting events, the Lincoln Tunnel...women are everywhere, and romance may be lurking just around the corner. Or her boyfriend. Either or. Still, a Canadian radio station has come up with a novel way to make a love connection: mail-order brides.

In what has to be the single creepiest contest a radio station has ever run, The Bear, a Canadian rock station, is running a contest when you apply for 13 nights and airfare to Russia, where you can meet the mail-order wife of your dreams. Why an application? Because the Bear says they want to weed out the "no-hopers" and "losers."

First of all, we want to point out that if you're looking to score dates from a radio station contest, the words "no-hoper" and "loser" fit you pretty well. And if you don't believe us, the applications are available for public perusing. They're pretty much all cautionary tales about what could happen to you if you don't get outside and talk to women on a regular basis.

Secondly, we're wondering how this pitch ever got to the contest stage in the first place. We can understand some Third World country doing this: the Third World thrives on being weird. But this is Canada; they're like America, only cleaner and politer. Are Canadian men so hard up for dates they're willing to apply for a mail-order bride? Because, guys, seriously, come down to America. We'll set you up, bros.

Photo: Tom Merton/ OJO Images/Getty Images

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