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Rihanna May Have to Undergo Plastic Surgery

by dsussman   February 11, 2009 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 344

The Sun is reporting that Rihanna may have to undergo plastic surgery after she was allegedly assaulted by her singer boyfriend Chris Brown in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Again, Rihanna’s injuries include a swollen face, a black eye, bloody nose, split lip, as well as bite marks on her forearm and hand.

According to The Sun, Rihanna has cancelled a 21st birthday bash planned for this weekend and has gone into hiding.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown has been terminated from the Got Milk? ad campaign following his arrest. This comes a day after Wrigley's confirmed they would be pulling an ad featuring the singer.

According to The Sun:

The "Umbrella" singer, who may need plastic surgery, was set to throw her own do on the 20th. Rihanna's rep has also confirmed the cancelation of her Jakarta concert which was scheduled for this Thursday. Police sources said she suffered “horrific” injuries after Brown allegedly punched her in the face in LA on Sunday.

Cops have also revealed the nature of the 911 call that was made in the wake of the attack. Chief investigator Detective DESHON ANDREWS said: "It mostly recorded the sound of a screaming woman."

Rihanna is said to be helping police with their investigation and her grandmother, CLARA BRATHWAITE, has reassured fans that the "Umbrella" hitmaker is doing fine. She told Barbados newspaper The Daily Nation: "I don't want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well."

Source: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

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