Battlefield 3 HourOne has Finally Arrived!

October 27, 2011

Battlefield 3 HourOne showcases a full hour of content from the Battlefield 3 campaign. Viewers can witness the exploits of marine Henry Blackburn as his squad searches for IEDs in Operation Swordbreaker. It doesn't really get any more epic than this, guys.

The player will aid in the rescue of a wounded squad mate and also experience the tension of playing cat & mouse against an enemy sniper. A number of more cinematic moments also punctuate the experience such as the player's first moments upon exiting the dark transport vehicle and also a scripted melee combat sequence. Finally, viewers will witness a large-scale battle involving mounted turret play.

A cataclysmic earthquake then force Blackburn behind enemy lines in "Uprising." Armed with only a combat knife, a nerve-wracking stealth segment ensues. The player must then fight a number of enemies by relying on the element of surprise and careful planning. The city reels from the cataclysmic natural event with downed electrical posts and crumbling buildings. Eventually, Blackburn reunites with his squadmates and they defend a chaotic landing zone from rocket wielding foes.

The final mission switches the in-game character to Lieutenant Jennifer Hawkins as she walks through an aircraft carrier. As she exits outside, players view a gorgeously rendered scene replete with stunning lighting effects, the tumultuous waves, and fighter jets streaming in formation. The player then enters the cockpit of a F-18 Super Hornet and she soon engages a number of enemy fighters. In this frantic environment, Hawkins is responsible for maintaining visual on the enemies and deploying flare countermeasures while also controlling the targeting mechanisms for missiles and the jet's machinegun. After the dogfight, Hawkins aids in the neutralization of a PLR airfield and also uses thermal imaging in conjunction with lasing targets for her allies.

Between each mission, players witness pre-rendered cutscenes describing the primary plot points. Two US government agents interrogate Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn over his involvement with the recent US military actions within Iraq and the gameplay segments are presented as Blackburn's flashbacks.

Head on over to GameTrailers and check out this brand new video with commentary by GT Editor-in-Chief Shane Satterfield, EA Community Manager, Sesson Mahathavorn and EA Product Manger Kevin O'Leary.Do it.

Source: Electronic Arts