Spike Reality Television Now Puts More Players in NFL than Iowa State

October 15, 2010

4TH and Long winner Jesse Holley has just been promoted to the Dallas Cowboys after a brief tenure on the team’s practice squad. The move now puts Spike reality television on pace with several large universities (and most of the Big East) in the NFL player development race.

Holley, who participated in the Michael Irvin-hosted show in 2009, is expected to suit up for the team’s critical game against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend where he could contribute on special teams.

"This is the crescendo, I guess you can say," Holley said. "I've been blessed enough to get the opportunity to come here two years ago after the show. Every single day, I've been trying to prove my worth."

Now that Spike has become a viable launching pad for the NFL, various staff members have begun measuring their 40-yard dash times in the lobby. Expect to hear some serious noise from both the accounting and copy departments at the 2011 NFL Draft.

(Note: Iowa State has put more players in the NFL than Spike, long term.)

Photo: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images