Michael Bay to Put Fewer Robots in Transformers 3

January 15, 2010

We haven't heard a lot from the usually talkative director Michael Bay about Transformers 3, but now he's beginning to let it be known what the third film has in store for us. And, surprisingly, it will involve less robots. Yeah, you read that right: Michael Bay now thinks less is more.

He recently spoke out about the next film in the franchise while talking up the sound designers and editors of the film. And, surprisingly, Bay seems intent on scaling back the size of part three:

Although the number of robots increased significantly from the first film for the second, the third film -- which will hit theaters in summer 2011, won’t be as robot-heavy and there will be fewer explosions, a tight-lipped Bay said after the Q+A. 

“There will be a nice crescendo ending,” Bay said. “It gets much more into the robot character. The last time you kind of met a few of the robots; this time you’re gonna get a much cooler landscape.”

Is this the same Michael Bay we've all come to know and love? Has someone else taken over his body?

Nope, this is the real deal. So for everyone who was overloaded by Revenge of the Fallen can look forward to -- at least for Michael Bay -- a slightly mellower film.

This isn't to say there won't still be tons of explosions and robot-on-robot fights. It's just that there will be slightly fewer of them. Now, if we can just have fewer Megan Fox-on-Michael Bay fights...